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How to deal with a narcissistic child

Narcissistic character in terms of psychology is the one who is self absorbed. It is very important to properly deal with a narcissistic child as it is easy to rectify this behavior in younger ages. Narcissistic people have an urge of power, recognition and adoration. Virtues like loyalty, gratitude, and empathy are unknown to him. Here are some ways that can help you deal with a narcissistic child.

Understand and love

Understand the needs of your child. Praise him judiciously whenever he does something good. Narcissistic child has an unrealistically positive view of his worth, which can develop a sense of high self esteem and superiority in him. Try to talk with him. Let him communicate his feelings and emotions as it will help you have an idea what is going within his realm. Teach him about love, empathy and affection. Spend quality time with him so that the moments shared together can help you bond more strongly with him. Do not criticize him about his behavior as it may hurt his sentiments leaving him puzzled. Eventually he may end up turning a deaf ear at you.

Healthy upbringing

Most children develop narcissistic character according to the environment they face at home. An over spoiled kid, who is used to excessive spending and attention, may find trouble finding true meaning in any accomplishment. On the contrary, if the parents force their child to achieve certain goals and behave in a certain manner in order to satisfy any unfulfilled need in them, then the personality of the child gets affected. He may sacrifice his own self expression in order to gain parental approval and acceptance. This also effects the proper development of his personality. Parents should ensure to provide healthy environment and reasonable boundaries. Remain consistent in enforcing these expectations so that your child can develop best. Give him an environment which fosters independence and healthy self worth in him.

Let them develop naturally

Parents with a narcissistic child should let him develop naturally. Let him make mistakes and learn from them. Do not try to control each and every aspect of his life. If you think that keeping your child under strict vigil would help dealing with their narcissistic behavior, then you are just worsening the situation. The more you will let him free, the lesser is the risk of shunting the natural development of his childhood and adolescence. Dealing with your child with perseverance is the key to living a happy and productive life. Whenever you find your child showing narcissistic behavior, talk to him and make him understand the passionate ways of life. It is always advisable to demonstrate empathy when dealing with your child. Show your love and affection to your child.

Make him aware of his negative feelings

You can help your child understand his negative feelings and how to deal with it. Talk to him about it whenever you get an opportunity. He will never understand that he is suffering from some emotional disorder. Even if he has a clue about it, he may find it difficult to acknowledge. He might fear how he will be perceived. Thus, your trust and encouragement can help him deal and resolve the negative emotions effectively. Parents can help the child to detach from his emotions. Teach him to take responsibility for his actions, outbursts and face the consequences accordingly. Do not let him cultivate a habit of blaming it all on other people. Only parents can help their narcissistic child successfully develop into a caring person who could be trusted and is capable of fulfilling relationships with others.

Social lessons

You can work on different social lessons and get your child involved in the same. Make him understand that he plays a significant role in the society and vice versa. Indulge him in works that pay delayed rewards as it will condition him to put efforts without thinking about instant rewards. Teach him about real crisis as well as small issues in everyone’s life. This will help them understand the emotional state of other people and empathize with them. Persuade and acknowledge him for exhibiting genuinely good behavior as it will facilitate the development of a healthier sense of ego. He must learn that everyone is special in one way or the other and must be respected and acknowledged for the same. Respect his thoughts and feelings so that he could learn to respect in return.

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