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How to deal with fake people

Having fake people around can give you a constant reason to worry about your progress in life. Fake people would want to see your failure rather than success and would do everything in their capacity to block your progress and taint your name. Here are so

Having fake people around can give you a constant reason to worry about your progress in life. Fake people would want to see your failure rather than success and would do everything in their capacity to block your progress and taint your name. Here are some ways to shake them off and protect your life.

Assess fake person’s behavior

If you have been in doubt about a person’s truthfulness and honesty towards you, start becoming a little cautious and assess his previous behavior towards you. If you find that he/she has been more disruptive than supportive about your achievements and deeds, then you need to take note that the person does not mean well. Is that person ever so earnest in knowing what you are up to? Has he/she been pestering you about revealing all your secrets and opportunities? Is he/she always nosing around you and never seem to leave you alone? If you start feeling more like a stranger than a friend towards him/her, it could definitely be a fake friendship. It is time to decide what you want to do with him/her and how best you can chase him/her out of your life as soon as possible.

Enquire around discreetly

Before you make up your mind about the dishonesty of a person and his/her ill will towards you, it is a good idea to enquire around as well. Sometimes, it could be just your suspicion and in that case, you stand to lose a great friendship when you act on an impulse. It does not take much time to find out if a particular person is a fake friend or not. Ask some of your trusted friends to keep a watch on your fake friend and tell them to drop cues to your fake friend to check if he/she will backstab you. Fake people may be cautious as well and sometimes you may not get the desired results immediately as they too might tread cautiously to avoid being caught. However, persistent enquiries about you might help him/her lose his/her guard at times and this is enough to confirm his/her fake attitude towards you.

Stop revealing your secrets

When you start doubting that a person could be fake, stop confiding your deepest secrets in him/her. Do not tell the fake person what you are up to and what kind of opportunities come your way. You must not do this abruptly as the fake person might get a cue that you have started doubting him/her. Slowly, stop telling your secrets to him/her. Do it gradually so that he/she does not realize that you are slowly moving away from him/her. Doing this gradually will help you assess the nature of your friendship with the fake person and this is enough for you to understand that he/she has always been bad towards you. When you stop revealing your secrets, the fake person will start devising ways by which he an extract it from you. He/she could become a little too earnest ad pleading towards you to see what you have been up to. Take this as a cue that the person is fake.

Move away

Once you are sure that you are stuck with a fake person, you must slowly move away from him/her. Make sure that you do this gradually and not abruptly as you will have difficulty in giving a valid reason for your actions if you end the friendship too soon. Stop moving around with the fake person and find ways by which you can stay away from remaining in his/her company. Without rousing his/her suspicion, you can plan your time and keep yourself busy so that you have a valid excuse to cite for not giving them your company and spending time with them.

Get new friends

The knowledge that you had a fake friend whom you trusted so much and confided all your secrets could be a little too difficult for you to accept. You need to break away from this mindset and for some time you would have your doubts about true friendship. True friends do exist and just because you had a fake friend, does not mean that you will never find true friendship. Keep a positive attitude and be open for new friendship based on trust and encouragement. With time, you will forget the fake person and get new and flourishing friendships based on mutual trust and admiration for each other. Such friends make your life and you must ensure that you have enough time to nurture such friendships.

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