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How to deal with fake friends

Fake friends are actually foes that come hidden beneath the cloak of true friendship. They are awful when they stab you subtly in order to break your self-confidence and exploit it indefinitely. Just stick to these instructions and you can deal with them

Fake friends are actually foes that come hidden beneath the cloak of true friendship. They are awful when they stab you subtly in order to break your self-confidence and exploit it indefinitely. Just stick to these instructions and you can deal with them in the best possible manner.

Let yourself have affirmations

You have to assert to yourself that this is not the right friendship for you. This is definitely not what you wanted. So now you are moving ahead to something far better. Fake friends can never give you the joy that real friends can. Their mere presence can brighten your days and make you feel brave enough to encounter every situation. But you have to cut your fake friends loose. You are going to be thankful to have made this decision because anything phony can never be good for you. True friends are supposed to inspire you to do better and not bring you down. It might suck for some time, but you will get over it.

Make new friends

Do your utmost to bump into other people and make new friends. Put on your new self-confidence like your favorite party gear and rule the world. Your life objective should state that you should get out and go to the next level. You will most certainly meet new friends, which is a cent percent guarantee. Obliterate the bogus and commence a new phase in your life. It will be a phase which assures complete trust and sincerity in this blessed relationship. Fake friends are true to you only when they want something from you. That is a very selfish thing to do and does not associate with comradeship at all. So if you want to be treated like a fool and duped into believing that fake is real, go ahead and feel miserable. Or else be tough and make new friends at your workplace or hobby classes. You can be with your family and spend more time with them till you get hold of some true friends. There is no need to be with jerks who do not care for you.

Fix your objectives accurately

You have to prioritize your objectives in a proper manner. Motivate yourself to get into other activities and do stuff that you are fond of doing. A few fake friends cannot bleed dry your life. You have to let go of the past and think about the bright future. This might take a bit of a time, except remember; things might be difficult but never impossible. This is the right time you can try to get familiar with all the things you have always wanted to do. You can go for swimming, trekking, guitar classes, the opera or the discotheque. There are innumerable options and the motto is to make yourself enjoy life as much as possible. This time you will not have those fake friends who will misguide you and poke fun at you all the time.

Do not push too hard

It really can be sad when you come to know that your true friends are fake and do not appreciate your friendship at all. It can turn you into a soppy, touchy person who is irritated at every single thing in life. It can even make you go into some kind of hibernation. But things should never get this far for this is your life and you have every right to live it in a grand manner. So do not push yourself too hard because for every good thing, you have to do a lot of good thinking. Make new friends but do not be too hasty in getting close to people. You might be making the same mistake again. Do not be too wary and drive away all the good people. There has to be stability in the way you think and make decisions. You can lie low for a while and make yourself busy with some hobby or your work. True friends are not that hard to find, you just need to have the ability to distinguish them from the fake.

Ignore the phonies

Sometimes, your fake friends will try to get back at you for some reason or the other. Do not fret and keep your calm. It is time for you to ignore the phonies in your life and carry on with your life. Bear this in mind that everything happens for a reason and this too has happened because of that. This is life’s way to teach you a lesson that you should not have blind faith on everyone. Learn to distinguish between the good and the deceitful. Your fake friends might seem to act as if they love you but they are cheating you in the process. However, do not lose your cool because this will be their victory. Take no notice of them and try to find better people and better things to do in life.

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