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When it comes to dating, do you ever wish there was a rule book you could follow? Knowing all the dos and don’ts of dating can be hard. I may not be an expert on these matters but here are a few things you could keep in mind to help you navigate the tricky terrain known as dating.

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Trust your instincts. Whether you are on a date having coffee with a cute person, chatting with someone you met online or flirting with an attractive person, always remember that it is important to listen to your gut. Pay attention to all the actions or words that may trigger an internal alarm and act according to what your instincts tells you.
Do not be pretentious. If you wish to take your relationship further than the preliminary chatting, do not pretend to be someone you’re not.
Be courteous and polite. Seemingly mundane things like holding the door for your date, or waiting for them to sit at a table before you do, qualify as charming etiquette and will certainly present you as an endearing individual.
Offer a smile if you don’t have a present for your date. Not only will it break the ice, it will coax them to return the favor and improve their mood in the process.

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