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How to deal with crazy neighbors

Neighbors can range from good people to crazy people, who will show tantrums and behave as if they own the area. Dealing with such people means you need to know effectively how to handle them correctly. Here are some ways to deal with crazy neighbors.

Neighbors can range from good people to crazy people, who will show tantrums and behave as if they own the area. Dealing with such people means you need to know effectively how to handle them correctly. Here are some ways to deal with crazy neighbors.

Block their line of vision

There are many people who have the habit of peering into the house of other people. They are a real nuisance. They disturb your privacy and also irritate you. A simple way to get rid of them is to pull your curtains across the window. However, if it is hot and stuffy like in the summer season, drawing your curtains will not be a viable idea. Instead you can put an indoor plant there to block their view. When their views are blocked, they may resort to peeping through their yards. In such cases plant a tree, which will not only block their view but you will be helping the environment as well. You could get white lace curtains installed on your windows which would bring in the air as well as keep your crazy neighbors from peeping.

Skip the blame game

There are many neighbors who have the irritating habit of leaving their pets to go around freely and their pet comes over your lawn, dig it up and ultimately make a mess. It is better not to blame the individual. That will lead to unwanted quarrels. Instead focus on the behavior of his pet and focus on the fact that you also care about the welfare of his pet. Try to talk it out with your neighbor and come to a solution for keeping a clean neighborhood and for maintaining good gardens. Blaming the individual will only make him defensive and embarrassed and he will thereby become stubborn in his attitude and may not listen to your rational arguments. However if you find that your neighbor is the stubborn types, who do not want to talk about the matter rationally, write him a letter. If the person does not reply, you can contact the local law enforcement officials and the animal control agency to know more about lease laws and noise ordinances. It is always better to know about your rights when things are going the wrong way.

Resolve boundary issues

Many crazy neighbors may quarrel with you over the issue of the boundary of your house and their house. He may be of the opinion that the tree, the lawn or the fence in between your houses is your property and it is your responsibility to look after them.

If such a situation arises, talk with your neighbor and try to point out to him about the positive effects of the tree or the lawn or the fence. Even after the talk if things are not going the right way, you can write a letter to your neighbor stating the fact that you are serious about the issue and want to resolve it. Having a letter will be a proof that you can produce if matters become worse and legal actions need to be taken. Another alternative solution is to have the property surveyed. This will help resolve the problem of the property lines. Since both you and your neighbor want to solve the dispute, it will be fair if both of you will share the surveying cost rather than you bearing the total amount for the survey. If your neighbor is still crazy, you can suggest meditation to him for calming his mind and then focus on solving the problem.

Catch him red handed if he is vandalizing property

There are instances of crazy neighbors who will vandalize your property out of no reason. Their action cannot be interpreted logically. It is moreover hard to prove that they are damaging your property unless you can catch them red handed or have enough proof against them. Putting up lights around your house in the evening ensures that you can catch them in the act. Putting up sign boards like “the house is under video surveillance” also helps in putting the neighbor at bay. The sign should be enough to stop your crazy neighbor from behaving in such a manner. However, if the situation still persists and you feel threatened, then you can put up surveillance camera. That would help in keeping a track of your neighbor’s activities around your house and act as a proof for you to give to the local police, if the situation worsens.

Ignore them

Nothing works better than ignoring the crazy neighbors. If you find your neighbor yelling or making gestures at you, do not be enraged and yell back at them. Rather keep calm and ignore them. These people are actually attention seekers and will be highly pleased if you become enraged and shout at their crazy stunts. Many neighbors will come up at your door to create a scene and draw you into the drama. The best policy is to ignore them and not to open the door. If the person still does not leave the place, call the police. This will ensure him that the next time he disturbs you, you will be seeking legal help.

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