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The Best Books: 14 Best Books For Understanding The World, Your Brain, and Zen Philosophy

books that will change your life
Books That Will Change Your Life

There have been many books written on self improvement and developing your skills for successful living but most people who are interested in this don’t consider reading about history and sociology. An advanced knowledge of these subjects gives anyone a great advantage in lifestyle design and successful living and this is why we have made the list below.

The Best Books series continues and this post is all about understanding the modern world, how to make better decisions and control your emotions.

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Here are the Top 14 Best Books:

1. The Lonely Crowd – David Riesman

This is the best sociology book ever and the key argument is that fitting into a large group is a relatively new phenomenon and it has changed the way human beings interact.

2. The Power Elite – C. Wright Mills

The first book to dive deep into the privileged class of American corporations and politics. Mills makes an overwhelming case that there was a caste system running the US and the vestiges still remain. The important point is that its changing and understanding how it works is very interesting.

3. The American Myth of Success – Richard Weiss

The evolution of American culture as seen through self help books. Weiss starts around the Civil War and goes up to the 1050s. What we read reflected who we were and where we are going.

4. The Managed Heart – Arlie Russell Hochschild

Hochschild was given significant access to stewardesses working at Delta Airlines in the 1960s. She chronicles the deadening pain they felt as they were forced to bring cheerfulness and emotion to work each day. This was a breakthrough on the study of human emotions.

 5. Stone Age Economics – Marshall Sahlins

Despite the clever title, this book is actually about how primitive cultures worked. One key takeaway is that hunter-gatherers were the idle rich. They worked about three hours a day and spent the rest of the day resting.

6. Life Inc – Douglas Rushkoff

Doug is at the cutting edge of recognizing the collision between corporate values and human values. Most of the book is fairly pessimistic, and it argues that money has pushed people apart from each other. His point is that barter and community exchange do more for commerce.

7. The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism – Max Weber

Largely misunderstood, this book is considered a giant achievement in sociology. Weber tries to understand the relationship between religious and commercial values, particularly as they led to the success of the United States.


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