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How to deal with an angry wife

Everybody gets angry now and then, but when a wife gets angry, it spells a hard time for the husband. The following steps help in dealing with an angry wife.

Everybody gets angry now and then, but when a wife gets angry, it spells a hard time for the husband. The following steps help in dealing with an angry wife.

Listen to her

One thing that a wife really loves having is a husband who would listen to her. Every woman wants to be heard out, and when she is angry, this becomes her priority. If she wants to rage at you and finds that you are not listening, it will infuriate her further. When you are listening to your angry wife, do not try to hush up things by asking her to forget what has happened. Things cannot be swept under the carpet so easily and it will make your wife think that you are absolutely indifferent to her. Do not talk to her in an extra soothing tone which might provoke her, talk politely but normally. Try rephrasing what she is saying to make her aware that you have been listening carefully. Keep a healthy eye contact with her and let her do most of the talking, unless she is demanding an explanation. Even while providing an explanation, do not over do it and keep it precise and simple. Talking too much often lets out other stuff that your wife might have skipped, hence risking in the beginning of another fresh tirade against you.

Spend time with her

When your wife is angry, it means she is hurt badly and needs emotional support. You are her most reliable source of such support and hence you should be with her. Try to spend time with her, even if she is in a very bad mood. When people say that they want to be left alone in a dejected tone, it always means that it is a plea for attention. Understand the fact that she is weak at the moment and will become further so if you ignore or neglect her. If possible, plan an outing with her where she will be away from the usual atmosphere to which she is used to. A new environment will help her calm down and allow you both to talk more freely and reasonably.

Do not get offensive

A woman is very dangerous when she is in her worst mood, her behavior may be unreasonable at time but you have to accept that she is not so generally and make allowances. Do not try to justify your actions and comments which have resulted in her getting angry. Do not defend yourself and point out your partners mistake when they are angry, this can be done when things have cooled down. Right now your priority is to calm her down so don’t drag her into debates because chances of her being reasonable and fair are very slim. You should not allow her temper to ignite you and you have to stay calm no matter what. Refrain from walking away from her or hanging up the phone, let her say what she wants to because it will help her get it out her mind.

Take care of her responsibilities

When your wife is angry and bothered and is still made to do all her household chores, it is bound to irritate her further. She is annoyed and wants some special treatment, so make sure you provide her with that and not let her feel abandoned. Make her feel special by helping out in her daily chores, manage your own meals, take care of the children, etc. Do not be demanding at all in such situations, else it will make your wife think that you are absolutely indifferent to her pain. If possible, come home early or skip going to work till she is feeling better. She will definitely not miss this gesture of yours and respect your dedication towards her.

Do not hold on to resentments

One thing you should always remember is that when a person is in a bad mood, they say things which they don’t mean. These aren’t carefully thought out words and are said just to vent out the frustration. Do not hold on resentments and allow yourself to forget what they have said. Do not try to bring back old memories of arguments that you have had in the past because your wife will also have some too. Try to forget what has happened and if something which your wife has said is hurting you, then wait for the right moment to discuss it. Giving yourself some time may also dissolve things and make it unimportant to be discussed, hence avoiding another session of heated arguments. Keep reminding yourself that she is not so rude generally and will be back to normal as soon as you have heard her out.

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