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How to deal with a narcissistic coworker


Every employee might have his/her own experience with narcissistic people. When working together as a team, the presence of narcissistic workers not only affects their colleagues, but also ruins the organization’s performance. Although, it’s quite annoying to move along with narcissistic employees, handling them rightly could help you to create wonders at your workplace.

Simply ignore

Ignorance works very well with narcissistic people, especially at the workplace. When such self-centered people keep praising their own traits and performances, don’t control yourselves to listen to them till the end of their talks. Instead, simply tell them that you are about to take files from another desk or any other reason that suits your circumstances. Make sure that the reason you tell them needs immediate attention, so that you can get away from their discussion. However, you must voluntarily come forward to describe your reasons; else, narcissistic people will take advantage of it because they might knew that you are listening. Once you have mentioned your reason, just ignore their further talks and move on immediately.

Leave the place

Whenever a narcissistic coworker boasts about himself/herself, your presence near him/her is the reason for your troubles. So, if a narcissistic employee starts his/her charismatic talks, find yourselves a good excuse to quit the place. Literally, you could find a number of reasons at the workplace to escape away from narcissistic people. You may mention them that you are very hungry, and amble towards the canteen; or you let them know that your boss had called you for the meeting. Of course, you have to lie sometimes to avoid getting trapped with narcissistic people. Once you have excused yourselves that you have an urgent job in some other place, try to stay out of sight from the narcissistic people. Else, they may learn your intention and consider you as their worst coworker.

Get back to work

When you find it hard to cope up with a narcissistic employee, realize that you are actually missing your work. What else could be a suitable reason to ignore narcissistic people at the workplace. Nobody could stop you if you mention this reason. That’s why it’s one of the best ways to deal with narcissistic people at the workplace. If they continue their boastful talks, don’t hesitate to remind them about their work too. It might bring them into reality and divert their attention back to work. If there are many people involved in the discussion, let the group know that the boss is about to arrive at their desk as if you have witnessed your boss few moments back. Literally, one could use number of reasons to get back to work.

Change the topic

Diverting the subject of discussion is quite useful when you cannot avert narcissistic people. You may be able to use the ignorance technique only at few instances. As you will face such people many times at your workplace, you may not be able to avoid them every time. When narcissistic people boast about their achievements and favorable deeds, take part in the discussion and change the topic cleverly. Initially, blend with their conversation and then take the discussion to some other healthy subjects in a progressive manner. Make sure that the narcissistic people don’t recognize your witty intentions. When the subject of discussion is enjoyable for everyone, obviously, narcissistic people won’t restart their boastful talks, at least in the current discussion. Though, it’s a temporary solution, you cannot make the narcissistic people change; they can change their attitude, only by themselves.

Appreciate the positive traits

As every human being possesses both positive and negative qualities in him/her, narcissistic coworkers at the workplace too will have some good qualities. Try to identify them and appreciate for the same. Whenever you look your difficult circumstances from a positive perspective, you will have number of solutions to a problem. Finding a single solution wouldn’t be a tougher task. You mustn’t expect the narcissistic people to change their attitude; instead, change your attitude towards them. That’s one of the best ways to deal with narcissistic coworkers. In fact, when you approach them with a positive attitude, your actions will inspire them to become positive. As time goes by, narcissism might disappear from their character as a result of positivity. However, every successful change takes its own time. Any workplace will become delightful amidst of narcissistic people, if you know how to deal them rightly. Take a break away from your workplace, at least once in a while to let you relax yourselves.

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