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A Few Moments of Idleness to Enjoy Life

Shakespeare very beautifully explained what happens to overachievers with “vaulting ambition” through a horse metaphor in his famous play “Macbeth” –

“Vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself,

And falls on th’other. . .”

This metaphor draws an image of a horse that is running so fast that its rider ultimately falls off its back. This is exactly what happens when your life starts running at a cosmic pace – you fall off; which is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you. If you think that you fit into the definition of an over-achiever who is always working then you should consider just doing nothing for a while. Give your horse some rest!

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How does one know that he or she is an over-achiever? Do you remember the last time you took a break from work? Do you start your day with work and go to bed with your office files? Have you been missing birthdays and anniversaries? Do you feel like it is unfair that a day has only twenty four hours? If your answer to the above mentioned questions is in a yes then you are the classic prototype of an over-achiever. It is a brilliant thing to be driven by ambition and goals of success. It is great to be the best employee at your office. But do u know what is not so great? Not having a life beyond work because life has a lot more to offer than long working hours and deadlines. Crossing off items on your To Do list is indeed a source of pleasure but it is time you discover the pure bliss of doing absolutely nothing. It is worth it!


Doing Nothing Increases Productivity

It might come across as an oxymoron but you can actually increase your productivity by incorporating idleness into your lifestyle for a while. This holds true for people who are always pushing themselves to their limits to get a job done and are thus always under pressure and stress. You do not need to a rocket scientist to figure that stress harms your body in more ways than one. It puts you into the danger of having high blood pressure, clogs your brain, clouds your perspective and depletes all your energy sources and creative forces.


Taking time off to just relax will help you take your body and mind back to that stage when it did not know what stress is. Relaxation will help you rebuild your creative forces, de-stress your body and mind and more importantly it will provide you with a fresh new start by re-invigorating you. Why do you think writers suffering from writer’s block go on vacations? This is because going on vacation is one of the best ways to relax and once the body and the mind have got their fair share of relaxation; they are ready to get back to work again.


There is Nothing Wrong with Being Idle

If you are an ambition driven person whose life revolves around work then the whole idea of sitting and doing nothing will seem blasphemous to you on the outset. The first step that you have to take on your path towards doing nothing is to shun the guilt that arises out of idleness. Do not think that it is the end of life for you if you are not being productive. Have you ever stopped to think how merry life used to be during the Middle Ages? That was because during those times people could just sit around and make merry the whole day without worrying about getting involved in work.

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Many famous literary figures such as Samuel Johnson have gained all good things from being idle. The monks in the monasteries spend their whole day praying and chanting. Great philosophers like Aristotle have also given emphasis upon contemplative life. Taking the big leap of getting away from your work is going to be very difficult for you but once you do so you will realize what sheer pleasure you had been depriving yourself of; all along those days when you could not imagine life without work! Calling these “time-off’s” as “power-breaks” will help you. Think of it as something which is going to make you better at your work.


Things to do During Your Power-breaks

When you finally decide to open your doors to the gift of doing nothing there is no end to all the wonderful things that you can get engaged in.

Appreciate Mother Nature: Instead of waking up every day to the alarm clock, try waking up to the warm sunshine that will pour into your room and nudge you to wake up along with the musical chirping of the birds. Go out for long walks; walk with naked feet on green grass with dew drops on it. Get lost in the beauty of a sunset, get drenched in the rain. Mother Nature can relax and de-toxify your system better than anything else.

Pursue your lost hobbies: When we are in school or college, there is a huge list of things that we love to do but as we start working that list gets lost somewhere. You power-breaks are the perfect time to take up your lost hobbies and passions. Pick up that book you have always wanted to read, sing some new tunes, mow your lawn, cook those recipes that your mother gave to you. Do whatever it is that gives you pleasure!

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Go for afternoon naps: There are very few things in the world that can be more luxurious than a siesta right after a sumptuous lunch. You will feel wonderful when you wake up! You will be surprised when you discover how much happiness a few hours of sleep in the middle of the day can give you!

Get back in touch with your old friends and family members: You power break is the perfect time to make up for all the birthdays and anniversaries that you missed because you were too busy working late shifts. Spend time with your college best friend and cousins who have forgotten what you look like. You will understand how beautiful life is supposed to feel!


Sometimes a few moments of doing nothing is all it takes to enjoy life!



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