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How to deal with dehydration


Dehydration is the loss of water from body in excessive amount. However, dehydration not only causes loss of water but also essential ions such as sodium, but it depends on the type of dehydration a person is having. Here we have given some tips to deal with dehydration.

Have sufficient amount of water

Having lots of water is the best way to prevent dehydration. But the intake of water should be concurrent with the loss of water as the human body can not tolerate neither excess nor less quantity of water. An average human loses around 2.5 liters of water in a day in temperate climatic conditions. So, taking around 2 liters of re-hydrating liquid will compensate the loss of body fluid. Even a standard homemade drink can be used by mixing the following ingredients: 950 ml water, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon table salt, 2 tablespoon sugar and 1/4 sodium-potassium salt substitute.

It is to be noted that this drink is not for children below 12 years.

Avoid extra clothes

If dehydration is experienced during outside workout or exercise, then it is wise to take off extra clothes that are not necessary. This is because as fat is being burned to produce calorie, the core body temperature rises than normal level and thus body perspires to cool off. This is when a significant body water is lost in the form of sweat. Around 350 ml water is lost by diffusion through skin and 100 ml by perspiration. So, the less number of clothes, the less body will perspire. Activity should be stopped and rest is to be taken, that too in shade. The motive is to lower the body temperature so that it does not sped extra body fluid.

Restrict certain fluids

Certain fluids and liquids are to be restricted during severe cases of dehydration, specially in case of children. Avoid plain water because normal water does not provide the lost electrolytes. Again sports drink are unable to replenish the lost ions through vomiting and diarrhea. Thus the best available option is ORS i.e Oral Re-hydration Solution, which is available in almost all drugstores or chemist shops. Milk, soda, caffeinated beverages, fruit juices are also to be avoided because they do more harm than good. This is because, during severe cases of dehydration, the body is not capable of functioning at its best or the metabolic system is weak, so complex nutrients are best to be avoided during this time.


Cover with a wet cloth

When dehydration occurs, fluids essential to the smooth functioning of the body, get sucked out of the body. This is due to evaporation of sweat from the skin. Your skin ends up becoming dry. In such a situation, one can cover themselves with a wet cloth. It helps keep your body temperature cool and moreover prevents excessive evaporation of body fluids. It is advisable to rub a wet cloth all over your body when dehydration hits.

Take rest

If you notice the some signs of dehydration, the first thing you should do is to rest immediately. Halt whatever you are doing and let your body rest and recover. Forcing the body to do more work will just aggravate the situation and lead to more fluid loss from the body. Make sure you keep away from the sun and rest in a shaded area. This prevents the risk of heat strokes from occurring.

Having an ORS

ORS or Oral Rehydration Solution is a common solution found in all drug stores and other departmental stores. It is the best and quick remedy against dehydration. It contains essentials salts and minerals which are generally lost when someone suffers from dehydration. ORS revitalizes these essential salts in our body and it makes us feel fresh. The best thing about Oral Rehydration Solution is that it gives a quick response and is the perfect remedy in case of an emergency.

Learning the signs of dehydration

It is important to have some knowledge about the process of dehydration in order to be on the safer side. Knowing the early signs of dehydration can save you your time to visit the doctor and your money too. Being informative is the need of the hour. If you know what you are trying to deal with then it will spare you the unnecessary worries and anxieties. You might be surprised to know that being thirsty is no sign of dehydration. You have been dehydrated way earlier before you did feel this way.

Staying hydrated

One of the best ways to prevent yourself from suffering any kind of trouble is to stay hydrated before you get dehydrated. One of the ultimate ways to do this is to drink pure water. In times of extremity only “pure” water can help you save yourself from dehydration. It can help you keep yourself hydrated even before you get dehydrated thus saving you all undue trouble. But this is all going to happen when the water you drink is pure and ionized.

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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