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How to deal with sadness


Whether major or minor, there are many instances that can cause sadness or grief, which is normal in everyone's life. We must learn to be more at ease with such feelings, as it can otherwise affect our mind and health adversely. Here are some ways in wh

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Live life to the full


Life strikes endless references and numerous imageries in mind; some from past, some from present and many for future; finally gives no clear picture of what exactly it is? Life is an identity for one who works differently, life is ...

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What Brings Motivation?

What brings Motivation

You must have heard hundreds of time that if you are motivated enough to do something, there is no way anyone can stop you. Well, not even an ounce of it is incorrect, but have you ever wondered what brings ...

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Hope is God

Hope is god

Hope begins with God. It is God who gives us the energy and hopes to deal with. God is the way to get hopes. If there was no supernatural power then hopes can be turned into reality. Hope is the ...

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Victory can hold truth


This world is a competitive market where there are competitions within families, friends and employees. The world is of the person who has gained victory in his work. Rest of the people becomes their followers. Victorious people believe that there ...

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Destiny and its designs


Destiny—Our master! The thought seems so relevant even centuries down the line. The concept of an all decisive destiny has run over the ages across all continents and culture. Remember the great poets speaking of how you can run only ...

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No matter how many times we hear dollops of wisdom, every time we face a setback, we seem to step back on all our dreams and ambitions. On closer look though, after we emerge battered we emerge manifold—in terms of ...

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Importance of setting self-goals


“An average person with average talents and ambition and average education, can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society, if that person has clear, focused goals.” – Mary Kay Ash Believe it or not, the truth of winning is ...

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How to deal with bankruptcy

concept of bankruptcy

Bankruptcy naturally leads to difficult situations in life. However, there are certain ways and techniques to handle such a worst situation and here are a few of them.

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Determination Is The Key To Accomplish Your Goal


What is determination? It is ‘self confidence’. In other words it is the awareness of an individual of his potential and passion to do something. Being determined, means to prepare yourself to achieve something by keeping your attitude in positive ...

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