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How to deal with a lazy child

How to deal with a lazy child

No child is lazy by nature. I case you find that your child is being lazy, you must take it seriously. There must be something which is wrong with the child. What could it be? Make it a point to ...

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Managing abusive relationships


A relationship is a very fundamental basis of living. It is pure and wonderful. You understand each other and each other’s need in a relationship. Love is something which is very precious and subtle for of everything. Not just love ...

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How to deal with a narcissistic husband that drinks

Dain Kurita

If your husband is a narcissistic, then you are in a trouble! Narcissistic husbands can be manipulative and can be a nightmare. A narcissistic husband who drinks can be even more difficult to handle. All the women who are victims of such types of men must

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How to deal with a hypochondriac


Hypochondriacs are the people with an excessive worry about having an illness. Usually, it persists even after a physician's evaluation and reassurance that there is nothing wrong with one's health. Though dealing with a hypochondriac can be frustrating

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How to deal with a psychopath


A psychopath is one of the most deadliest enemies to the society. Their actions are infectious, which means the person near him is under the risk of contracting his way of thinking. Following are some of the ways to deal with them.

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How to deal with challenging behavior


The phrase challenging behavior covers a vast spectrum that includes everything from manipulative behavior to narcissistic behavior. Each of the behavioral patterns listed above is fraught with one inconsistency or the other. By behaving in

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How to deal with a narcissistic mother


When the narcissist is your mother, dealing with the problem becomes more difficult, as she is usually the closest to you than all the other people in the world. So when she is affected by narcissism, the normal way of dealing with the problem does not re

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How to deal with a narcissistic spouse


It’s a rude shock when the person you had loved, adored and subsequently got married to, turns into a self-centric and egoist goon all of a sudden. Narcissism is a psychological problem and all you can basically do is put up and tolerate

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How to deal with commitment issues

Commitment phobia is very common these days, not only in men but also in women. It might be due to the traumatic relations in the past or due to the social conditions prevailing. Here we have given some tips to deal with commitment issues.

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