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How to deal with staff


When you are working for a company or you own a company, there would be people working with you always. These are the people who are your staff and help in the smooth working of your enterprise. They are people with different moods, likes, dislikes and be

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How to deal with siblings


Having siblings to share one's joys and sorrows is great fun. It isn't this easy and enjoyable always though. The situation may get a little tricky if you and your sibling have a totally different temperament. It might be a little dicey situation, but it

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How to deal with jealous friends


While we all long for a happening friend circle, it's not necessary that everyone in our friend circle is an honest, devoted well-wisher. A little jealousy among friends is not very uncommon, but it can prove to be disadvantageous for you at some point in

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How to deal with shy men


Making a shy person shed inhibitions and get into a thorough chat is a big challenge. Well, not really if you are smart enough to figure out the right move. A few tips would help you out.

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How to deal with mean parents


Parents are always protective and loving towards their children. However, there are cases wherein some parents are mean. In such cases, one needs to act cautiously by following certain steps.

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How to deal with drugs


The sad truth about dealing with drugs is that no matter how easy you may think it to be, it does require an honest hard work. Drugs, being addictive are difficult to let go. You must remain positive and have a strong resolve. The motto, here is: Try Try

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How to deal with a selfish boyfriend


Selfish boyfriend are those who thinks only about themselves. These guys may not have displayed any selfish signals in the initial period. These things come out in the open gradually and unfortunately by that time the girl is so captivated by the boy that

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How to deal with a scorpio


The first thing to know about Scorpios is that they are unlike any other astrological sign. They are very intense and deep people. If you are willing to deal with a scorpio then you are sure to have a very loyal friend. Here are some ways to deal with a S

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