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How to deal with a stalker online?

Everybody of us was born as kids who needed careful guidance while growing up. One thing which is common amongst all kids is the primary lessons that we are taught by our parents or the guardians. One such primary lesson is the almost constant coaching of never to talk to, trust or in any way get close to strangers.

As kids of course, most of us are never quite exposed to the full meaning of such a lesson. However, once we grow up, some sense finally dawns and we can clearly see why such instructions are give. Cut to 2012 and you will know that the very worst scenario of such an account is when you are being stalked.


Online Stalking

Admittedly, stalking just like any other types of abnormality, has different shades and degrees to it. If by chance your mother had taught you about serial stalkers and killers, you as a parent can add online stalking to the list of things which stand to kill you. You may think that online stalking is a novel concept. However, evidence clearly points that stalking over the web has been in groove since the ‘90s.

Anyhow, you might wonder how such a thing over the web is possible and who has the time, right? Remember two things, if your instincts poke, there is reason to avoid a person. Secondly, the nicer, sickly sweet the person seems to be, the more suspicious you must become. All of such behavioral patterns can be attributed toward one simple theory; rejection. Some people simply cannot take it or at any rate deal with it. Such people might be your co-worker, your former paramour, some crush, some date and many more.

Modern statistics have also shown that about 5 out of 15 people have been at the receiving end of stalking.


Dealing with It

Like most things in life, the important lessons in life are taught right at the knee of your guardian! Start with protecting any personal information that you may have divulged. Social networking sites are great. However, being at the receiving end of social networking of stalkers is not.

If you know someone online, keep it online. No point of divulging details such as phone numbers and stuff. Try deleting certain accounts. Make another one instead and try refraining from very obvious usernames.

Do not treat moderately fishy businesses lightly. Remember the case of Amanda Todd and drive some sense home.



Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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