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How to deal with difficult friends

Everyone has to deal with a difficult friends at some point in life.They can mistreat you and can be the cause of a real bad day. Here are some tips for dealing with a difficult friend.

Take a hard look at yourself

Sometimes a friend may instigate you to behave differently or you may become a completely different person due to his influence. There can be times when you will be trying hard to impress someone or maybe you are unable to express honestly about your feelings. If all these things are happening in your life then you should understand that your friend is not the right person in your life. A true friend will never ask you to change yourself. Take a hard look at yourself and weight the pros and cons of such a friendship.

Start making changes

The primary step, as discussed above, is to find out what causes you to behave differently in a friendship. After you have found out the chief causes, you can start making changes in your friendship. If your friends are difficult to handle, it does not mean that you have to shrug them off. You can continue to be friends with them albeit with a little changes. Have a serious discussion with your friend/friends. It is imperative that you remain levelheaded and confident during this discussion. Do not lose your cool even if your friend behaves badly.

Listen and be heard

It is very important to listen to your friend while you are having a discussion and at the same time, ensure that you are being heard too. We all know that certain friends can be difficult to deal with but he/she must be given a chance to explain his/her position. He/She can be either apologetic or may become angry and start accusing you instead. If He/she reacts angrily then it is time for you to step back from the relationship and give both parties a chance to think it over.

Sever ties if things don’t improve

If your friend is striving to make improvements then it is a welcome sign. But if he goes back to his old ways, then it is a matter of serious concern and would require serious re-thinking from your side. You need to start distancing yourself from your friend but you need to do this discreetly and carefully. Start by reducing the time that you spend with your friend. Gradually sever all ties with your friend; there is no merit in putting up with a difficult friend.

Assert your independance

There is simply no reason to tolerate friends that are posing problems for you in your life. However, we may have to put up with these people for myriad reasons. This should not become a norm for you. Assert your independence and make it very clear to everybody that you enjoy mixing with ‘positive’ people and do not actually have the patience or the willingness to accept friends who prove to be very difficult in everyday life. Be friends with people who can bring about some positive changes in your life.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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