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How to deal with confrontational people

Confrontational people are present everywhere in the world. You may be facing some of them in your routine life. Moving away from confrontational people is not a solution to your problem. Learning how to tackle such people without creating discomfort to neither of you is the best way to deal them. Take a glimpse at the tips mentioned below to help yourself deal with confrontational people at ease.

Pay attention immediately

If you are facing confrontation with people at the workplace or at home, pay attention to the issue immediately and try to solve it as soon as possible. Initially, the problem may seem less serious. But, if you leave them unsolved, it might turn back into a very serious issue in the future. Therefore, try to raise the problems and discuss it along with the related members. Anticipate the possible questions that confronting people might inquire you. One could do this task easily by thinking himself/herself from the others’ point of view. Prepare the answers and gather required data to support arguments in favor of your points. Approach the confrontational people boldly and initiate the discussion in a very polite manner. Believe that your problem will be solved by the end of the discussion.

Be silent

Once you have initiated a discussion with the confronting people, try to explain the uncomfortable situations you face because of their vague behavior. If they don’t let you speak by making arguments in a high pitch, don’t try to raise your voice against them. Instead, be patient and listen to their points. Only then, those people will calm down themselves. Bringing them to a situation where you can solve an issue favorably. It is possible only if you get sufficient co operation from their side as well. Staying calm doesn’t mean that you are giving up; it’s just letting others to explain their reasons first. Once they finish their conversation, grab the opportunity to explain your points. Obviously, this time the opposition people will listen to your explanation as you did earlier to theirs. Don’t let them divert their attention on something else until you finish your statements.

Make suggestions

Once you have listed your points and explained your problems with the confrontational people, it’s time to arrive at a solution. If you had prepared your suggestions for a solution, describe them to other people and make them understand how it will be comfortable for both the sides. In case, if you haven’t prepared your suggestions list, let the confrontational people make their suggestions first, while you utilize those time to look for favorable suggestions in your mind. However, don’t alert them that you are thinking about something else instead of paying attention to their suggestions. Analyze whether their suggestions are favorable for you. If yes, agree to them; else deny them and put forth your suggestions. Be bold and confident while making your suggestions so that other people will involuntarily surrender to your suggestions.

Have a positive attitude

It’s always good to have a positive attitude whenever you perform any kind of task in life. Positive attitude attract favorable solutions to your problems. The power of positivity is immense so try to be positive. When you approach to solve issues with confrontational people, believe yourselves that your discussion will be smooth and you will finish off with favorable solutions. In reality, positive thoughts will generate the same in others as well. Instead of viewing confrontational people as your problem, focus on their good habits. Focus on their strengths and positive traits. To be crisp, find ways to appreciate them. Obviously, you will be rewarded with flattering solutions.

Avert confrontations in the future

In order to avoid difficulties in the future, you must take necessary steps while dealing confrontational people for the first time itself. Make clear statements and agreements such that serious issues don’t arise again due to similar misunderstandings. Share your challenging stories with your friends, family members and colleagues to make them aware of such situations in their life. Don’t try to provoke confrontational people, especially in front of others. Never give up when you deal with them. When they feel like they have succeeded, probably they will become further annoying. Take sufficient time to practice these techniques in your real life situations. As time goes by, you will master the methods of dealing confrontational people.

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Dr Prem Jagyasi

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