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How to deal with a broken arm

A broken arm is a very common injury. Even though it is a common injury, it is always advisable that you should seek medical help as soon as possible. But it may take sometime to reach the professionals or doctors, till then try the following options.

Immobilize your arm and stop bleeding

Cut off your sleeve if you can not take it out without moving the arm. Clean the wound with an iodine solution. Tie a bandage or a gauze around the arm by pressing slowly. Do not try to re-align the broken bone. A small movement can cause a lot of pain and can even worse the condition. It will be better to hold the arm near the chest and tie it with a wide piece of cloth.


Reduce swelling and apply splint

Reduce the swelling by applying ice packs to the affected area. Do not apply ice directly to the skin. Wrap the ice in a cloth or a towel and apply these cold compressions on the entire arm slowly. This will reduce swelling and will decrease the pain also.

Apply splint above and below the arm. Do not force the bone to push back in. The splint will help reduce the discomfort caused due to the fracture. If splint is not available, keep a rolled newspaper under and above the arm and roll a tape over it.


See a health care provider and follow up

The doctor will likely take X-ray. The X-ray will show whether the fracture is a simple or complicated one. Accordingly he may apply a cast or may go for surgery. Surgery is needed to reset the broken pieces of bone to realign them. If the bone is broken through the skin, it needs cleaning which is done during surgery.

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