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Hangers with light

Five unique clothes hangers with built-in lighting

Hangers with light

Hangers were invented to keep clothes and coats, crease-free and fine. Once they became completely functional, innovative designing to make them more appealing began. Today, that drive seems to have culminated with an interesting result; hangers that have their own light! While the logic behind this kind of an innovation is not very clear, the elegance and neatness of the idea definitely strikes a chord within us. Here we present five innovative and interesting clothes hangers that have their own lighting. Be warned, however, that you should not attempt to hang wet clothes on these hangers! Else, a surprising experience might turn out to be a shocking one!

1. Yaser Banjar’s Photosynthesis

Yaser Banjar’s Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is a ‘green’ term. While it involves green chlorophyll in the natural world, it combines energy efficiency and reduced consumption – green concepts – in the man made world. It is a clothes hanger that occupies minimal space. During the day time, it recharges itself through solar panels; a literal photosynthesis process where light is used to prepare more energy! At night, the clothes hanger doubles up as the lighting in the room. The nomenclature for the concept is based on the proposition that placing a plant under the clothes hanger will ensure that it can photosynthesize continuously, throughout the 24 hours in a day. All said and done, you cannot help but feel that it is just one glorified solar lamp!

2. Recycled hanger lights

Recycled hanger lights

This was featured as a strong contender in the 100 percent Design expo in London. This is the elegant idea and design by Ali Siahvoshi, a lighting designer from Iran. The blue cascading hanger light will ensure that you can get dressed in the dark too without disturbing any other sleeping members in a room. The strong and well built hangers, feature a cool blue light strip at the base rod and they emit a lovely sheen at night. Topping all of this is the fact that these hangers have all been made of recyclable materials. You need not compromise on grandeur and beauty when you go green!

3. Functionally decorative hanger

Functionally decorative hanger

At first glance, these little protruding lights appear like the fancy lighting of some opulent home. That they are anyway, but they also serve dual purposes! With a light at their tips, these little stalks are strong enough for holding your coats and pants in place. They double up as clothes hangers and come in various sizes for different clothes. You can bend and twist these stalks to your like and light up your room or home in as decorative a fashion as you choose!

4. Clothes hanger lamp

Clothes hanger lamp

When you suddenly accost it, the lighted clothes hanger will present itself as a still from some horror movie. But, it is sure to turn into a ‘thriller’! Hector Serrano seems to have come up with something interesting and innovative for Droog Design. The design was complete in 2002 itself and the fact that it is being presented in 2011 too, shows its relevance and beauty. The designer’s idea behind the creation was to make a lamp that could be changed ‘as frequently as one changes clothes’! A 11 Watt fluorescent lamp on the inside, gives a heavenly glow to the garment that you choose to hang on it and thus gets customized into a lamp with varying shapes, sizes and intensities. But, these lights are sure to lighten your pockets too! They are available for $254 a piece!

5. Bonaldo Tree Light Clothes-Hanger

Bonaldo Tree Light Clothes-Hanger

Finally, we present a ‘tree’t for the eyes! The Bonaldo concept has been executed as tree trunk with a few stubby branches. Standing at 1.75 meters and with a diameter of about 0.3 meters, the tree is perfect for hanging your clothes on it. It has a simple, slender and elegant construction and the manufacturer promises that it is ‘light’ in weight. Designed in Italy, the tree acts as a source of light and could well light up a small room quite decently. In fact, in many places, its primary functionality has been conveniently given up and the ‘tree’ has been used as a floor lamp.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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