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Carpet Flooring

Tips on creating space with carpet flooring

Create space at home through carpet flooring

The color, shade, texture and pattern on your home carpets do make a huge difference in adding a feeling of spaciousness to your living room or other rooms. Knowing this secret and using it well could make a difference between a home perceived as small and cramped or one that is thought to be large and roomy. Here are tips which you should keep in mind while carpeting your floor.

Carpet Flooring

The impact of color:

If you are planning on carpeting the floor of a furnished room and you wish to make it appear larger and roomier, you should choose a color that blends with those of the furniture. The unified color scheme will make the room more uniform and less cluttered. Contrasting colors usually make the space appear cluttered and small. If it is a new room that is being carpeted, keep in mind that warm colors make the space smaller and this effect reduces as the shades get lighter. In a similar manner, cool colors expand the space with the effect reducing as the color gets darker.

The impact of shade:

Colors which are lighter tend to make the space look more expansive and roomy while darker colors have the tendency to make the space fell a little constricted or cozy. For a mix, you could use dark carpeting in an otherwise light shaded room or vice versa.

The impact of patterns:

A uniform pattern lends roominess sheerly from the uniformity. Variable patterns clutter the space making it appear small.

The impact of texture:

The texture of your carpeting works almost like the patterns. Solid colors give a unified and spacious dimension to the space. Distinctly divided textures and patterns there give a very ‘busy’ appearance which shrinks the space.

In short, your floor carpeting is going to determine the perception of your home-size. Careful choice is a neat way to make a bigger home.

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Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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