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upside down house

10 unusual houses that stand upside down

upside down house

Our world is a topsy turvy place. We all know that. But some of us have gone a step ahead and actually converted our houses upside down. Bad with philosophy? Who needs all those high sounding thoughts when you can see it? So, here goes folks; ten houses that are upside down!

1. Device to Root Out Evil, Canada

devil to root out evil

Yes, you guessed right, it is an inverted church. It was commissioned by the Stanford University, and built by Dennis Oppenheim. It is called ‘Device to Root Out Evil‘. As you can see, it already has its steeple buried in the ground. Presumably, the first step to ‘root’ out evil. The President rejected the 25 ft tall, aluminum and glass structure, with words so bland that they are sure to go down in history. “Not appropriate”, he said. The structure now stands in Harbour Green Park in Vancouver. In case you were wondering: no, you can’t live in it.

2. Norman Johnson’s Upside-Down House, USA

norman johnson upside down house

Norman Johnson decided that the best way to get people interested in his homes was to display it upside down. So, he built a model, complete with upside down furniture, upside down toilet, and wonder-of-wonders, an upside down car in the drive, just outside the Sunrise Golf Village, where similar houses (but the right side up) were for sale. Are you interested in buying? Figure out how you are going to sit on the toilet seat first.

3. Wonderworks, Florida & Tennessee, USA


This is supposed to be an amusement park attraction. The one that you see in the picture is at Pigeon Forge USA. There is another at Orlando, Florida. Unlike other parks this one is “an amusement park for the mind,” whatever that means. Are you wondering why the house is on its roof? Keep wondering. Wonder works.

4. Upside-down house, Germany

upside down house

This one is a great place to live in. It has a nice bathroom, a great kitchen, even a dining table complete with dishes just ready to eat. There are just two tiny little problems; the house is in a zoo, and it is upside down. The 23 ft tall structure has been designed by carpenter Gerhard Mordhorst, Gesellse Splettstober and Manfred Kolax and is located in Getorff, Germany.

5. The World Stands on Its Head, Germany

world stands on its head

The Germans seem to love this sort of thing. Look carefully, is it the house standing on its head? No, you are wrong. It is the world standing on its head. That is what the thing is called ‘World Stands on its Head’. Located in Usedom in the Baltic Sea, the wonder house was opened to the public in 2008.

6. House Upside Down, Russia

upside down house russia

This house is no surprise. Anyone who knows anything about the soviet regime knows that things were upside down there. But, we are not in the soviet era anymore, right? So what happened? This, after all, is not an amusement park, nor a zoo, nor a seller trying radical advertisement. Is it the competitive spirit of the Russians? If you can live upside down, so can we!

7. Upside-Down House, Poland

upside down house poland

Ok. I have no idea why this house is as it is. It was created by a businessman and philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski. Maybe he thought it was a good deed to let the world know the truth about reality.

8.Goldcity Tourism Center, Turkey

goldcity tourism

The Turks in Antalya seem to have been inspired by Norman Johnson. This house too is built to attract tourists to the area. The architecture has made it “one of the most popular attractions for tourists in Antalya region.”

9.House Attack, Viena, Austria

house attack

This house looks like it fell out of heaven and landed on top of the stocky museum – upside down of course! The house is another piece of art sending out a message to all humanity staring up at it open-mouthed. You might call it the artist’s portrayal of the common man’s quest for accommodation among the upper class luxuries.

10. House of Spain, Kathmandu

house of spain

This house is a part of a theme park and attracts lots of tourists. Located in the Spanish Island of Majorca, House of Spain is a Tibetan-style Mansion – so the name. You will have to go to the hill and then you will receive a room-room tour by the hosts (hosts also help those sea-sick tourists step out). Certainly an experience of the other-world.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Author, Chartered Consultant, Personal Branding Expert & Global Trainer at DrPrem.com
Author of several life improving guide books – Dr Prem is an award winning strategic global leader, successful chartered consultant, personal branding expert and global trainer.  Dr Prem has traveled to more than 40 countries to work with above 150 international organisations and to speak in global conferences. Dr Prem has published several guide books and numerous niche websites which have millions of reader across the globe.
Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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