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Healthy alternatives for replacing carbonated drinks

Green tea- healthy alternative to carbonated drink

Green tea- healthy alternative to carbonated drink

The large-scale advertisement campaigns have increased the demand of soft drinks in all segments of the society, especially the teenagers. However, all the glamour and hype associated with the soft drinks somewhere hides the disadvantages of the carbonated drinks. The carbonated drinks are not very good for health and their prolonged administration can have severe adverse impacts on the health of any individual.

Researches have shown that high intake of soda can cause osteoporosis along with bone loss. They also have very high amount of sugar, additives, and calories, which are not useful for the body. The phosphoric acids in the soft drinks inhibits the absorption of calcium and the aspartame has some 92 different health side effects like brain tumor, diabetes, heart disease, premature aging, and many more. High amounts of caffeine contained in soda may cause insomnia, jitters, high blood pressures, mineral and vitamin depletion, birth defects, breast lumps and even cause some forms of cancer. Still people continue the usage of soft drinks and many are even unable to swallow their food if it is not supported by gulp of a soft drink. The hugely damaging effects of side effects of soft drinks are self-evident and every one should switch over to drinks and fluids, which are more suitable for the health of the body. Here is a description of some healthy alternatives for replacing carbonated drinks.

1. Green tea

Green tea is a very good way to replace the soft drink and matches the cold sodas when served cold. It has antioxidants that reduce the stress level and its ingredients help in curing diabetes, fighting cancer and heart disease, and reduce obesity and hypertension levels. It has fewer calories and is to be consumed with honey in place of sugar for enjoying it at the core.

2. Soymilk or low fat milk

If you are a soft drink user and have been using the fluid for past many years, then it would have caused calcium depletion form your bones and teeth. The soymilk can replenish the calcium level of the body to its required level, as it contains a good amount of calcium. It will also provide you riboflavin, protein and other vital minerals, and will provide you much more energy for carrying your day-to-day tasks in a very efficient manner.

3. Fresh fruit coolers

The fruit juices when blended with ice are a much more efficient way of providing cooling and relaxation than soda and soft drinks. In addition, they are also a good source of vitamins and minerals and contain anti-oxidants for maintaining the stress level of the mind and body. The natural sugar contained in fruits has no harmful effects and can be a good source of energy. Use these drinks for feeling more refreshed and lively.

4. Coffee

Coffee can be a good and healthy drink but only if it is consumed in small amounts. Not more than two cups of coffee should be used per day. Coffee can be made healthier by combining it with sugar and milk. The laxative and diuretic effects of the coffee are good for heart and teeth cavities are avoided by coffee usage. The ingredients of coffee are anti-diabetic, anti-asthmatic, and anti-gout in character. If low amount of sugars are used in coffee and the coffee is consumed within limit, it is a very healthy drink.

5. Iced tea

The ice tea contains flavonoids and antioxidants that give you better mental as well as physical health. However, to avoid high calorie intake, the iced tea should be made in home rather than consumed at hotels, as the sugar levels in the iced tea prepared in hotels is high.

6. Red wine

Red wine consumption makes the body better equipped for fighting cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and cardiovascular diseases. Refrain form being an addict to wine and keep the consumption levels down (two pegs for men and one peg for women per day).

7. Vegetable juices and broths

Vegetable juices are a perfect way to replenish your body with minerals and vitamins and making the body’s digestion system better by high fiber content. The broths and juices can be made easily at home without involving much cost.

8. Water

Good old water is still the healthiest fluid available as per the findings of Harvard School of Public Health. Water is the best way to flush out the toxins form the body and keeping it hydrated all day. Water is also essential for the body for maintain the pH level and electrolyte balance of the blood. The water requirements of the human body cannot be replaced by consuming any other fluid, and therefore it has to be consumed in amounts, which are decided by the weight to body ratio of a person.


You should always obtain these fluids from clean sources. Make sure that they do not have any impurities. Avoid fluid like juices etc. from cheap sources and always visit cafes and restaurants that use fresh fruits and vegetables for making broth and juices. Try to make them at home, as it will help in reducing expenditure and will reduce the time involved.

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