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Toyota Prius’ Recycling: Vows to remain eco-responsible forever

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One of the world’s best hybrid cars, Toyota’s Prius thinks ahead of the times. Even before hitting the market, Toyota has plans to keep it fully recyclable when it bids adieu finally. So, it won’t add to the environmental nuisance. As is reported, it will be 85% recyclable and it will be perfectly possible to recover 95% of its materials through a process involving only 2% of its life cycle CO2 emissions.

Toyota makes sure that the high-voltage nickel-metal hydride battery is recovered with zero emissions. No doubt, only authorized Prius service centers will have the facility. That’s why it approves certain waste management companies to transport batteries to the European Final Treatment Companies (FTCs): SNAP, Accurec and Umicore.

Recovery process is very effective:
recycle car
Though no details are at hand on the actual recovery process, some speculations still try to unravel the unseen.

1. First, the battery’s outer casing is removed. A specialist recovery company takes care of the wires and electronic parts’ recycling.
2. An induction-based vacuum thermal system recycles the power cells. Next, the container, containing the power cells, is heated to 800°C, wherein the organic materials break down at 400°C and release a mixture of oil and water.
3. After being thoroughly processed, the power cells further break into metals when exposed to hydrogen. Now, the nickel alloy, thus produced, suffices the production of new batteries.

Toyota Prius’ Specs and Features:

The Toyota Prius touts an unbelievable fuel mileage of an EPA estimated 51/48 city/hwy mpg and a combined 50mpg. Its emissions are relatively lower than most of the others available. What is more, the third-generation Prius has an impressive 98-horsepower 1.8-liter Atkinson-cycle engine. It comes with three driving modes viz. EV Mode at low speed, Power Mode and the Eco Mode that makes it truly fuel-efficient.

Not only specs but the luxury quotient also proves it the best hybrid car. This sedan is a 4-door, 5-passenger family sedan, available in 4 trims. In addition to these features, it is having a Hybrid Synergy Drive system and regenerative braking system.

Image Credit: GJCRI/Motorlogy

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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