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SHASPA to keep a tab on human oddities and energy virtually


SHASPA, a Web 3.0 technology platform and infrastructure that blends emerging technologies to create applications that incorporate, visualize, monitor and manage the physical and virtual environment, has recently launched its first mixed-reality organization application. The Home Energy Organizer application operates on OpenSim application server. The installation provides the home a physical place with a virtual counterpart. It aims at producing maximum energy savings and significantly reducing carbon footprints.

Intelligent Home Energy Organizer

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• Home Energy installs sensors in every room of a house tracking heat, air quality, and energy use with a 3D model designed to be displayed, monitored, and controlled in OpenSim.

• Home Energy also includes a social energy meter that aims to make managing energy more engaging and interactive.

• Monitoring and control is also made available over mobile devices and traditional Internet interfaces.

Diverse Purposes

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• You can connect your SHASPA home with other SHASPA homes and pay a virtual visit to your friend’s home.

• You can see in real time where the most energy is used in your home. However, the system’s efficiency depends on how well the house is sensored.

• You can evaluate your energy usage and take necessary action.

• You can manage and control home appliances, gadgetry and other equipments off and on via the virtual world even when you are not at home.

• You can send a twitter feed on important events, say, when the temperature drops below recommended minimum.

Home Energy organizer is not limited to home use. You can also use it in offices, enterprises and basically any real estate. The European Commission has called upon its members to use such technologies to improve energy efficiency.

Such technologies, called information and communications technologies (ICT), can come quite handy in combating climate change and in driving economic recovery. It has the potential to bring a major change in the way we manage our domestic energy consumption. ITC are expected to reduce total carbon emissions in Europe by up to 15% by 2020.

Good idea with a few loopholes

However, I would like to add here that this application too has its share of evils. Its efficiency depends on how well your house is sensored. It is not a cent percent solution for energy usage control. Moreover, people might become more careless once such application is fitted into their homes. I personally do check all the taps and electronics before locking my house and make sure that everything is switched off. However, with such an installation in my house, I might become careless. Say, if I leave my TV switched on, and I realize that after 5 hours, who is responsible for the energy loss for those 5 hours? Another drawback is that this system is controlled through cell phones and computers. What about the energy consumed by them? I would like to ask you that would it not be a better option to spare 5 minutes before leaving your house, rather than consuming energy on such devices? You would be spending this time or even more in monitoring your house too…right?

Via: Earth2Tech

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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