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Innovative ways to generate electricity while having fun

You must have heard of a number of alternative ways for producing electricity, like solar power, wind power, etc. Here is a list showing certain innovative and out of the box methods by which you can generate electricity while having fun.

• Eco-night Club

Location: Pentonville Road, Britain

Owner: Andrew Charalambous

Concept: The dance floor of the eco-nightclub is made up of springs and a series of power generating blocks, which produce electricity through a process, called piezoelectricity. As the dancers dance, the power generating blocks are squeezed producing electricity, which is fed in to nearby batteries that are further used to power certain parts of the club.

Fun Factor: Does your mother keep telling you that you are wasting your time partying? Now you have an answer that will diminish this thought of hers. You can tell her that you produce electricity while partying.

• Electricity generating arm-band
dance charger

Location: Glastonbury, England

Owner: Orange Telecom

Concept: A mobile phone charger is powered by dance energy. The kinetic movement of a system of weighs and magnets, which move as you groove, powers the charger. It weighs just 180 grams and can be strapped on the dancer’s bicep. The energy generated while dancing can be fed into your cell phones when the batteries run dry.

Fun Factor: If you are not lucky enough to be able to visit the eco-nightclub at London, then this is a good piece of news for you. You can dance all night long and produce enough electricity to charge your cell phones.

• Convert work out sweat into electricity

Location: University of Oregon, US

Technology: ReRev

Concept: The energy from this power generating gym is converted from DC to AC before being transferred into the grid. The output is considerably small; a person pedaling 30 minutes would generate energy to run a laptop for approximately an hour.

Fun Factor: Producing electricity while working out is so cool. Now you not only stay fit by going to the gym but also generate some productive output.

• POWERleap produces Energy from Little Feet


Maker: POWERleap

Concept: POWERleap converts wasted energy from human foot traffic into electricity. The technology being used b this system is “piezoelectric technology and advanced circuitry design” which converts pitter-patter into power.
The basic idea behind the invention is that an individual’s steps may not produce power but when steps of a gathering are combined, it surely can produce significant amounts of electricity.

Fun Factor: Even a small kid can contribute in generating electricity. The daily pitter-patter is being consumed to produce electricity, an invaluable energy source.

• Generate electricity while washing your car
car wash


Designer: Gregoire Vandenbussche

Concept: You can recharge your electric car batteries while washing them, using nothing other than the energy of water in the hosepipe, eventually reducing your electricity bills.
The device envisioned by Vandenbussche, POWA Water Generator , is a small turbine that is placed in between the hosepipe. As the water rushes through the pipe it turns, the blades of the small turbine that then generate electricity that can directly be fed into the car.

Fun Factor: We need to wash our cars regularly to keep them shiny and clean. However, if we could produce electricity while washing our cars, wouldn’t that be an additional bonus for our labour?

• Charge your iPhone while playing golf

Location: Japan

Designer: Mac Funamizu

Concept: The gadget designed by Mac Funamizu harnesses the kinetic energy the user generates, when the grip is swung a certain number of times, that can be later used to charge mobile phones and other gadgets for a couple of hours. The device only has the handgrip and not the actual club, thereby checking the user from stroking a golf ball with this.

Fun Factor: It not only protects amateur golfers from hurting themselves and others, but also charges their iPhones and other gadgets. So, all you amateur golfers out there, go out to buy this golf kit. It is time to do constructive.

• Roll Kinetic Charger to juice up your batteries
roller charger

Location: China

Designer: Jiang Qian

Concept: Roll Charger consists of two balls that can be split into two. AA or AAA batteries they are charged by placing them inside each ball. Electricity is generated when the balls are rotated in, eventually charging the batteries inside. They can power remotes or other devices. A LED in the device helps the user to know whether the charger is functioning properly or not and also tells when the battery is fully charged.

Fun Factor: You can juice up batteries while playing with these balls.

• Convert Sound Energy into electricity
sond into electricty

Location: University of Utah, USA

Designer: Physicist Orest Symko and his students

Concept: Converting sound into electricity works on a simple mechanism. If heat is applied to any enclosed area, the air inside it expands increasing the pressure inside. This pressurized air, then moves through a filter or opening on one side, producing a simple clear sound at a standard frequency. That is the basic idea behind the system. Focused and directed frequency makes it easier to extract energy. The sound waves are then converted in to electricity by squeezing them thorough “piezoelectric” devices.

Fun Factor: Now there is no need to complain about loud music coming from parties. The loud music can be further converted into electricity. Therefore, somebody’s party might power your house. Isn’t that a great news?

• Electricity generating Hacked Heelys

Location: New York University, US

Maker: Christian Croft and Kate Harman

Concept: These students have come up with the idea of making effective utilization of energy created by rolling wheels of hacked Heelys. Energy so generated, is used up to power LED panel situated on the front end of the shoe. Generated electricity powers up a microcomputer and LCD display implanted on the shoe, showing travel directions such as- north, northeast, south. As per the speed, screen displays directions after 15 to 20 feet is covered. The path so directed by the screen imparts the driver a drunkard’s walk.

Fun Factor: Can you imagine heely shoes generating electricity? The idea itself sounds so fascinating. You can produce electricity while rolling around in these shoes. Whats even better is that these shoes shows you travel directions and guides your way.

• iYo-Yo makes charging fun
yo yo

Location: Sweden

Designer: Peter Thuvander

Concept: The energy generated while swinging the iYo-Yo is stored in a lithium-ion battery which can be used to charge your iPod or iPhone when the batteries run dry.

Fun Factor: It is great discovery where kids or adults can inadvertently produce energy as a byproduct of having fun.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Author, Chartered Consultant, Personal Branding Expert & Global Trainer at DrPrem.com
Author of several life improving guide books – Dr Prem is an award winning strategic global leader, successful chartered consultant, personal branding expert and global trainer.  Dr Prem has traveled to more than 40 countries to work with above 150 international organisations and to speak in global conferences. Dr Prem has published several guide books and numerous niche websites which have millions of reader across the globe.
Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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