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EcoGods: James Jao transforms Bahay Kubo from minimalist abodes to luxury eco-homes

Architect James Jao harks back to medieval times when people were most contented with the basic amenities, but the Filipino native architects were busy in devising huts made of nipa/anahaw leaves. Maybe Jao realizes the present world’s demand for a return to nature since folks crave for carbon-neutrality and other energy-saving house designs. As Bahay Kubo utilizes locally found materials, the architectural ingenuity had continued to inspire architects like him.

puerto azul resort

Francisco Manosa, while designing the Puerto Azul Resort, mingled traditional form and material with new architectural practices. You could easily spot the thatched roofs and the bamboo walls touting extreme simplicity.

Later, architect Michael Pena added a newer dimension when he bagged the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence for his vernacularly splendid eco-house.

mike peno

But beyond a doubt, architect James Jao is the most impressive figure amid them all as he rendered the minimalist architecture with his masterful strokes and thus elevated the entire concept to luxury. He utilizes the basket weaves and vintage architectural shapes to perfection.

filipino homes

The Eco Jao Bahay Kubo stands for the sustainable and indigenous architecture involving eco-solutions to reduce human impact on the environment. The 53 sq. meter single-storied homes make use of wood and bamboo for the larger part. In addition to it, the walls have thermal insulation and heat absorption becomes ever more efficient owing to the double-glazed glass in the windows.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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