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5 Simple ways to reduce carbon footprint

Reduce CO2 printThe environment is on the verge of succumbing to increasing pollution and depleting energy resources. It is high time to address the issues that are critical for a sustainable future. It doesn’t require agitations or rallies to highlight this issue and ask government to do something. Rather we must commit ourselves to play our part in doing the needful to create a greener tomorrow.

Every single initiative counts and we should remember it. To start with, here we have listed five simple ways to reduce your footprint carbon footprint on your commute. If one follows these ways regularly, then he will end up with significant contribution towards reducing environmental pollution and precious fuel. Let’s have a look.

1. Walk, bike, or carpool

Well the most obvious thing you can do is walk, bike or carpool your way to office. If your office is not that far away then you must cultivate the habit of walking to your office. In case, the distance is more then one can opt for cycling down or look for carpool option. The carpool option is becoming more and more popular in modern times. If no such option is available, then one should prefer public transit rather than one’s own vehicle. If you cultivate these habits and change up you routine a bit, then you will lead up improving your own health as well as decrease environmental pollution.

2. Keep an eye on the traffic before you go

As electronic media is getting more interactive and keeps us informed 24X7, getting traffic updates on radio and internet sites is a habit one must cultivate. Before you head out for your office, just tune to a radio station or any site providing such information to keep a check on the traffic situation on the route you take to commute everyday. This will not only help you save a lot of time but also help you save petrol that goes wasted stuck in a traffic jam whilst reducing the carbon footprint.

3. Carry your coffee/ tea mug

Most of are addicted to tea or coffee and every morning feel the urge to gulp down some caffeine while commuting to office. Cultivating a habit of carrying ones own coffee or tea cup along with you helps to reduce the waste from disposed coffee mugs. In addition, we can also help in saving loads of energy that is spent on recycling these mugs. This habit is becoming popular and more people have started carrying their personal coffee mugs to offices.

4. Buy a fuel-efficient car

Several automobile manufacturers have joined the race of manufacturing fuel efficient cars. Today, we have not only the cars with high mpg ratings but ones that run on hybrid technology. One can consider investing in such hybrid cars or the electric cars now as these cars are going to be the next big thing in nearby future. Biodiesel cars are also being introduced in the market everyday and can be considered for commuting to office everyday. We admit the fact that such cars are a bit expensive when compared with their alternate diesel and petrol versions, but the benefits and savings offered by the former ones in the longer run are just incomparable.

5. Plan to reduce your fuel consumption

Asia accounts for more than half of the world population. China and India put together have more than 37 percent of the world’s population. If everyone starts planning and preaching ways to reduce fuel consumption which in turn will help in reducing carbon footprint and pollution, then we can surely play a major role in addressing environmental critical issues. If we plan then there are hundreds of ways to curtail ones’ energy consumption and bring down the pollution rates. All you need is to plan and preach reasonable goals. Start making fewer trips like if you go for shopping then make a complete list of items rather than going again and gain to the same shop for petty things. Telecommute, commute together with your neighbors and associates and park your vehicle in shades, take stairs instead of elevators, drive at an economical speed and much more. Think of different ways to cut the fuel consumption and very soon you will feel the difference for yourself.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Author, Chartered Consultant, Personal Branding Expert & Global Trainer at DrPrem.com
Author of several life improving guide books – Dr Prem is an award winning strategic global leader, successful chartered consultant, personal branding expert and global trainer.  Dr Prem has traveled to more than 40 countries to work with above 150 international organisations and to speak in global conferences. Dr Prem has published several guide books and numerous niche websites which have millions of reader across the globe.
Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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