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10 eye catching sculptures made using grass

Man grass sculpture

We have seen sculptures made out of all kinds of metals, wood and stone, but to have something made entirely out of grass is truly a marvelous work of art. Here are ten amazing sculptures that have been intricately made out of grass with every minute detail taken into account. Chiseled to perfection, these grass sculptures are truly ‘green’ in the true sense of the word!

1. The Mud Hound or Warthog grass sculpture

Mudbeast grass sculpture

This interesting sculpture shows a mud beast which can either be a mud hound or a warthog and you can let your imagination run wild in trying to guess the creature. This sculpture is one amongst the many ornamental trees that are found in Bute Park, Wales. The absurdity of this sculpture adds to its appeal.

2. The Dreaming Girl grass sculpture

Dreaming Girl

This elegant sculpture of the Dreaming Girl was displayed at a garden show and was immediately purchased by Olivia Harrison (wife of George Harrison) and is now permanently installed at her huge Victorian garden in UK.

3. Unicorns United grass sculpture


This amazing sculpture of three mystical unicorns in different poses while playing around looks extremely fascinating and intriguing at the same time.

4. Men grass sculpture

Man grass sculpture

This grass sculpture is the work of Wim Quist architects and is installed at the Museum Beelden aan Zee in Scheveningen. It shows a man lying on its stomach and all the detailing is done with the grass placed on the body. A compelling work of art!

5. Palm grass sculpture

Hand grass sculpture

This ingenious sculpture shows a part of a human torso emerging from the earth with an arm having the palm stretched out open. In the middle of the palm is a tree which is symbolic of our relationship with the environment as we have the power to protect it and the future lies in our hands.

6. Face grass sculpture

Head sculpture

This unique sculpture is a great way to put grass along with rocks for creating other details. This face sculpture can be found near Mevagissy in the Victorian gardens of Cornwall. The face is shown as submerged beneath the soil up till the nose (which is depicted by rocks). The grass forms the hair and the eye details are wonderfully done too.

7. The Spinning Top grass sculpture

Spinning Top

Created by Lucy Strachan, the Spinning Top sculpture has been sculpted to perfection. Her works are so enthralling that you cannot help but stroke it to believe that it is grass!

8. Giraffe grass sculpture

Giraffe grass sculpture

This realistic Giraffe grass sculpture was made in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia during the summers. The sculpture depicts a mother giraffe with her little one. The detailing of the pattern on the body of the giraffe with darker hues of green looks awesome!

9. Camel grass sculpture

Camel grass sculpture

This amazing sculpture looks like a scenery with an Arab traveler on his way home with two camels following suit. The sculpture has been made intricately and looks very realistic as the detailing on the camel and the Arab man has been done perfectly.

10. Elephant grass sculpture

Elephant grass sculpture

This grass sculpture brings a glimpse of the African nature reserves by depicting a family of elephants with the male leading the herd. A baby elephant is also shown to be following in a playful manner.

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Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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