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Why Healthcare Marketing is different?

Why Healthcare Marketing is different than Other Service Marketing?

Healthcare industry is a one of the industries, which is directly related to the society. Healthcare products and services are different from other goods. They deal with life of the people and are a part of their daily routine. They affect the most delicate issues of the society, which are the health, disease and lifestyle of the people.


The healthcare trends are always changing, the healthcare products cannot be completely defined, and the results of medical services are uncertain. There is a risk of failing to success and can cost for lives also. As the healthcare services mostly deal with resolving health concerns and providing care, they need to be planned and executed very carefully. Hence, the consumer or the patient takes a centre stage in healthcare service and the healthcare marketing focuses more on consumer needs. Additionally, there are other factors like government regulations, non-profit organizations, medical law and ethics, stringent consumer protection laws and third party insurance players that need to be managed well. Therefore, healthcare marketing becomes a more delicate subject and has to be developed keeping in view the society and the related factors. Very rarely, are all these features simultaneously present in any industry. This makes the healthcare marketing different than other service marketing and it is interestingly challenging to excel in this field.

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