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Importance of relationship marketing in healthcare

Importance of relationship marketing in healthcare

Relationship marketing in healthcare is a type of direct marketing and can also be called as one-to-one marketing. This is a fairly new concept of using internet, emails and latest databases for healthcare marketing. These new media ideas are blended with the old ones like mailings, posts, etc and an entirely novel approach to marketing is presented. This is particularly useful in healthcare marketing as it is easy to target the specific audience and directly conveying the message.

By adopting relationship marketing strategies, healthcare marketers obtain a deal of information about their customers. With the help of patient databases, online surveys, queries section, market research becomes easy. They get to know about the consumer’s detailed information and personal characteristics, their preferences, buyer behavior, any concerns or complaints etc. This information gives the right direction to the marketing communications made by the marketers to attract their customers.

Relationship marketing helps to build strong bonds between the marketers and the customers. These help to develop loyal customers, who ultimately increase the sales and the profit of the company. It is beneficial for customers as they have trusted companies to deal with and they often also enjoy certain privileges like special offers, discounts or gifts. However, to avoid the chances of disturbing the customers by frequent contacts, it is better to be wise and also important to ensure the security of their personal information.

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