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Healthcare Management Guide

Healthcare Management guide includes information about the accuracy of medical procedure, the medication management system, facilities provided by hospitals in order to solve language and communication issues, identification of the patient and medical, and other important things. Healthcare management involves checking whether the hospital or medical facility is offering proper medical care and facility to the patients. Every medical institute or medical care center has to complete some legal formalities and this is the duty of the management to check this.


An ideal medical facility provider should be certified from a recognized association and able to offer quality treatment, lodging, and food facilities to the patients. The hospital should be able to meet all the requirements of its patients and this may include hospital accreditation, patient’s identity, skilled staff, specialized doctors, and proper measures to control infection. The hospital should have separate department

Overview of Healthcare market in India

The healthcare industry in India has witnessed a surge in the recent years. According to Frost & Sullivan, the market is expected to reach $160 billion by 2017. The constituents of healthcare, which include hospitals, medical infrastructure, medical devices, clinical ...

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