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Telemedicine to save lives of chronic patients

Telemedicine, the fast emerging remote healthcare monitoring system is providing more comfort and convenience to chronic patients which is life ...

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The trends are in. Healthcare marketing is evolving

Healthcare marketing is following a trend turning from the primitive methods to the modern marketing strategy primarily based upon electronic ...

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Telemedicine set for exponential growth to be ‘the future of healthcare’

Transparency market research has issued a chronicle labeled Telemedicine market (specialty in cardiology, dermatology, gynecology, neurology, orthopedics, emergency care, internal ...

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IOT is going to be big in healthcare – An analysis of benefits and challenges

Remaining connected is the buzzword in this millennium. IOT, the abbreviated form of Internet of Things is going to play ...

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Here is how telemarketing is changing the healthcare landscape globally

The advent of Telemedicine and telemarketing is changing the healthcare industry in a big way. Teleconferencing, mobile technology, and document ...

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Healthcare industry trends that have held the spotlight 

Rising drug prices and medical insurance costs have largely affected the patients who are now looking for better healthcare management ...

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Understanding Salient Features Of Republicans Alternative To Obama Care

After 2283 days since Obama signed the Affordable Care into law which made its advent, the Republicans came out with a replacement scheme ...

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Global Health workforce shortage underlines a need to rehash policies

Health workers are an integral necessity to equally access global healthcare services. However, many countries in the world are facing ...

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Trump care: How it compares to Obamacare

Donald Trump released a major insurance policy proposal recently. It is a seven-point program, which, Trump says, is an insurance ...

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Obama care might soon see inaugural of government run health insurance options

The White House is celebrating the 6th Anniversary of Obamacare this year. This would be a powerful rebuff against the fault finding ...

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Reducing readmission rates in hospitals by increased healthcare efficiency

With healthcare regulations becoming stricter, more and more hospitals are coming under the scanner for their patient care practices. Readmission ...

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6 Ways in which IoT can revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

The Internet of Things can lead to myriad digital solutions that can likely form the core of the healthcare industry ...

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