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Progresso soup diet

Progresso Soup Diet has been utilized by numerous individuals around the world for weight loss benefits. The diet has proven effective in weight reduction. Progresso soups are the primary meal in this diet. The soups are delicious and they contain few calories.

Progresso Soups

All the soups are light and nutritious. There are dozen types of Progresso soups to choose from. Each type of soup carries 100calories. You are allowed to add some variety into the low calorie meal. Majority of the soups are low in fat content with inclusion of pot roast and clam chowder.

Progresso soup types include Roasted Chicken and Vegetable, Chicken Noodle, Zesty Santa Fe Style Chicken, New England Clam Chowder, Chicken & Herb Dumplings, Zesty Southwestern-Style Vegetables, Savory Vegetable Barley, Italian-Style Meatball with Penne, Italian-Style Vegetable, Chicken Vegetable Rotini and Beef Pot Roast.

Pros of Progresso Soup Diet

The soup packaging is easy to open. You can simply enjoy the meal by heating the soup in microwave oven for 5minutes. Each soup has 1 or 2 focus points of weight reduction. All the Progresso soups are low in cholesterol. The soups contain lesser than 0.5g saturated fat and no trans fat content. You are allowed to add the vegetables of your choice into the soup along hot sauce to enjoy the meal the way you want.

Cons of Progresso Diet

The 19oz soup packaging serves only 2 individual at a time which makes the diet quite expensive in the long run. 1 serving of Progresso Soup contains 650mg of sodium. People with salt intolerance cannot follow the diet. The soups are low in protein, fiber and other nutrients. Your metabolism might get disturbed due to such an imbalance of essential nutrients.

Progresso Soup Diet is an excellent diet even though it has some disadvantages attached to itself. However, the immense benefits and easy to follow approach of the diet makes it ideal for any dieter looking to reduce weight. Include lean sources of protein, fruits, whole grain products and vegetables in your diet plan to attain maximum benefits from Progresso Soup Diet.

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