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Kim kardashian diet

Kim Kardishian is a famous Hollywood star. The icon diva is known for her captivating looks and amazing body curves. Kim has the ideal feminine body which makes the guys go “wow”. All women must look up to Kim to gain inspiration. Finding the secret behind such an amazing figure can be a great help.

hollywoodKim Kardishian Diet

Kim has revealed a diet which has recently helped her lose significant amount of weight in no time at all. Kim told the media that she has been on a new workout schedule which has helped her lose 6 pounds in 1 week. All women must indulge themselves in this diet to gain a perfect posture.

The diet is 50% foods and 50% workout. Both aspects have equal importance in this diet. Dieter must do vigorous exercise and cut out on sugars, glutens and dairy products from daily meals.

The diet is more of a workout plan than diet itself. You must workout twice a day if you wish to achieve significant weight loss results rapidly.  Strength training can come in handy in this diet. Morning workout session should be based on long runs on treadmill. The more you do exercise, more weight you lose.

Plan your meals in advance so that you can focus on the workout sessions. Make sure you avoid consuming all kinds of dairy products such as milk, cheese, chocolate, etc. Kim recommends women to eat lean meats rather than red meat. Seafood is a good option if it comes from mackerel, salmon and tuna.

However, the best option you have in this diet is the vegetables. Eat as many vegetables as you like. Most of the vegetables are good for health. Fruits can also be included in this diet plan. Fruits and vegetables play a supportive role for the rigorous workout sessions.

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