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Worst swordfights that you need to know of

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Back in the days when we didn’t have guns, bombs or nuclear weapons, people used to settle major disputes with swordfights. Skilled use of those big blades in mighty wars was very important in those times. Moreover, one to one duels were organized privately to settle personal grudges between individuals. Some of the best and interesting swordfights are as follows:


  • Sir William Wallace is honored as the Guardian of Scotland and a true master of sword at one time. Once he single handedly knocked down five people as mentioned in some legends. Later on, when he was declared an outlaw, he began his life dedicated to independence of Scotland. His wife was burned in her house on orders of the High Sheriff of Lanark. Further, Sir Wallace’s men cut the High Sheriff to pieces in his own bedroom.
  • American history narrates the tales of a fatal duel between two friends, Henry Phillip and Benjamin Woodbridge in Royal Exchange Tavern on King Street in Boston. They had an argument and decided to undertake a swordfight duel to settle their respect. After the fight, Woodridge was wounded on the chest and Phillip across the abdomen and fingers. Phillip managed to find a doctor and looked out for Woodridge. After searching across taverns and houses, he was located dead at 3 am.


  • London’s Hyde Park witnessed many swordfights but mainly of men. One peculiar fight originated between two ladies, Lady Almeria Braddock and Mrs. Elphinstone over a cup of tea. They first fired a shot at each other with pistols, which they missed, and then undertook a swordfight in which Mrs. Elphinstone’s arm was wounded.


  • Being a part of Olympics since 1896, swordfight has become a major sport in recent times. This sport includes events for the foil, the epee and the saber. Full-face wire mesh masks and flattened tips are used for fights to prevent any lethal harm to face and any other body part. Nedo Nadi of Itlay holds an Olympic record for being a champion of all three events of swordfight.
  • In recent times, holding a duel other than in sports events is considered illegal as it took many lives out of mere quarrels and disagreements. The last known of such duels happened in 1967, when two Parliamentarians of France settled for a swordfight duel after insulting each other and ended with one of them getting slightly wounded.
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