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The most innovative electronic inventions of the decade


Inventions of the decade

Technology develops each day and when we look back an entire decade we notice that we have not one but many great inventions to be thankful for. New innovations can be seen in every field and most of these inventions are very helpful in making our lives better and convenient. If we begin to list all the good inventions of the decade then the list will be endless as experts in every field such as medical or electronics have made immense growth and their growth is helpful to each and every one of us. Let us bring into light some of the most advanced electronic inventions that surfaced in the last decade.


The most advanced electronic inventions of the decade

  • Hybrid cars are something which is useful for everyone as they are environment friendly plus they are easy on the pocket as well. Hybrid cars as the name suggests are manufactured by the combination of two engines namely gasoline and electronic engine. Due to less usage of gasoline engine it consumes much less fuel and conserves the environment. These cars are gaining popularity by the day and are preferred over the standard cars.

  • The book readers are another example of a handy and a very innovative electronic device which made its debut in the last decade. Through this device the users can easily buy their favorite books via the internet and also read them on the book reader itself.
  • Digital cameras are an excellent way to capture the memories in still as well as in videos. Some of the cameras have individual functions while some of them can perform both of them. The picture and video quality of these cameras is very high hence making them very popular with the people.
  • Another innovative invention that created quite a stir is the iPhone which happens to be a more hi-tech version of a smart phone. The user can perform all the basic functions of a computer as well as of a mobile phone on this device and therefore it is very handy and convenient.

  • Almost everyone likes listening to music and an iPod only makes their experience better and more refined. An iPod is a device which is utilized for storing thousand of songs and you can listen to them as well. The iPods are so useful and innovative that they are now a household name.


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