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The most incredible communication apps that changed communication forever


The need for communication

Man is a social animal and in order to survive he needs to communicate with people around him. There is hardly any doubt about the fact that communication is very vital for our survival as it helps to express our views and understand what the others are trying to say. Communication also helps to stay in touch both personally and professionally and with the immense evolvement in technology the ways to communicate have transformed for the better. The modes of communication available today are very different from those available in earlier times plus they are more interesting and enjoyable to use. Let us shed some light on some of the communication applications that have completely transformed the whole definition of communication for us.


The innovative communication applications

  • Skype: this communication application is perfect for both personal and professional uses and it is widely used around the globe. Though Skype was launched as a tool for personal communication but it took no time in establishing itself firmly in the professional sector as well. The major advantage of Skype is that it helps the user to make very cheap calls via the internet to other Skype users and to traditional phone users as well. You can also utilize this communication tool for making video calls around the globe and chat face to face with anyone.

  • Twitter: this application is used on a large scale by celebrities for updating their daily activities for their many fans on the internet. Other than following your favorite star or a famous writer you can also use twitter to get in touch with your friends and family.

  • Email: how can we not talk about electronic mail or email when we are discussing the innovative tools of communication? Email has been a part of our daily lives for quite a long time now and you have to admit that email has proven to be n extremely helpful communication application for one and all.

  • Google chat: the next one on our list is Google chat and this application too is very popular among people now-a-days. Internet is a vital requirement for all the three apps we discussed above and the same is true for Google chat as well. Google chat enables the users to chat with and without video with his friends and colleagues and this mode of communication is indeed helpful and convenient.


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