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The Heavens on Earth for All Party Animals


Well are you among those group of people who just love to party? Are you dying to spend your nights in the world’s top nightclubs? Then this is just the article you were looking for.

I will now take you to a trip round the world and tell you the world’s best nightclubs which you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

Space Miami – This nightclub in Miami has 24 hour liquor license (yes you read that right!) Whether its 8 pm in the evening or 4 am in the morning you always find your favourites cocktails available in this Space! Now with superstar djs, Tiesto and Deep Dish and liquor available 24/7 staying sober will be just too difficult!


The Roxy Theatre – Now you wouldn’t dare to miss this night club in Los Angeles. I mean who did not record a live show at this theatre from Bob Marley, Jay-Z to Linkin Park artist from all genres have been here. You can also pay visit to the bar On the Rox which is a small bar overlooking the sunset and has been the host to many Hollywood parties.


XS – You can’t miss Las Vegas in the while searching for nightclubs. This night club is the sin city’s big name and has everything that will force you to visit it from lavish interiors to famous djs.” A plethora of pimped out, two-storey poolside cabanas allow patrons to drop XS cash on bottles, while neighbouring blackjack tables afford optimists the chance to win it back” .


Marquee – It’s Las Vegas again! Now what is so special about this one? Infinity Pool, four storey led screens, amazing Performers. This is like the celebrity of the night clubs which offers tiered coliseum style seating arrangements offers view of the dance floors and djs, sexy cocktail waitresses and even a boom box and library which offers you to listen to different kinds of music and even read books! Give me one reason to not visit this one?


Pacha Ibiza- Europe a must go if you want to experience some of the world’s best nightclubs. This nightclub in Ibiza, Spain .Best known for its House music and lovely atmosphere, It has five different rooms for accommodating different music styles! The main room is the host to the famous djs and performances that will make your wildest dreams come to .Funky room for a laid back atmosphere, roof terrace with lounge music, cocktails, couches all below the starry sky which is nothing but bliss! And then you have the global room the original party place and last but not the least the Sweet Pacha a restaurant for the food lovers.


Fabric- Again London is a place you can’t miss when you go out looking for night clubs. Fabric is known for showcasing underground DJs, world-renowned electronic music legends, and professional live acts. From Mondays to Fridays its constant party time .Saturday is 30 hours non-stop disco and wet yourself session on Sundays.”The option to reserve a table in their mezzanine is available to parties of 5-20 with free cloak service, table service, excellent views of the establishment, and the best part is guests don’t have to wait in line.” The Guardian says that, “Fabric is highly unpredictable and utterly compelling.”


Space – If Miami space is for liquor this one in Ibiza is for eargasm. Termed as the “Mecca of electronic music”, Countless djs, and performers, this has been nominated several times at the International Dance Music Awards for the best sound systems in the world. Space has 5 multi genre rooms for the guests.

Zouk- Now it’s time for Singapore .There are four distinctly different clubs within the complex: Zouk, Velvet Underground, Phuture, and Wine Bar. Zouk is the heart of the property, with a capacity of over 1,500 guests decked out with a state of the art lighting system, multi-level dance floor, podiums, and body-bending music.


Even Green Valley of Brazil, Guvernment ,Canada ,Womb, Tokyo  Ministry of sound – London and LIV- Miami are the some other must visit nightclubs that you should not miss .So get your passport ready ,Pack your bag and stuff your pockets and get ready to PARTY!





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