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The Five most Vibrant and Colorful Cities Around the Globe


Most people think that cities are just concrete, skyscrapers, road work and steel. The real fact is that there are many cities around the globe that burst with colors and remind you of a new box of crayons. Here is a list of vibrant colorful cities that represent a work of art in them.

[box_dark]1. Cinque Terre, Italy[/box_dark]

The Cinque Terre of Italy is a collection of five sea-side villages namely Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso that are added to UNESCO world heritage sites. The coast awaits you to discover its charming bays, elegant panoramic paths and beaches. The lovely red, yellow and pink houses surround the mysterious alleys creating a magical atmosphere to the tourists.

[box_dark]2. Jodhpur, India[/box_dark]

Jodhpur of Rajasthan in India is universally known as blue city. You can find almost all the houses in the city painted with blue. It is believed that the priestly class began the tradition of painting their houses blue. This was done to distinguish them from the rest of the society. Later this tradition was accepted by local people of Jodhpur. People explain that the color blue keeps them cool and away from mosquitoes; hence they have accepted this color.

[box_dark]3. San Francisco, California[/box_dark]

San Francisco, a thickly populated peninsula city serves as a home to its colorful architectural details. Painted ladies are the colorful Victorian houses that are built in rows in American cities like San Francisco, New Orleans, etc. Such houses are painted with bright colors such as orange, red, yellow and brown. One of the painted ladies group at Steiner Street frequently appears in TV programs and is of tourists’ attraction.

[box_dark]4. Bo Kaap – Cape Town, South Africa[/box_dark]

The Bo-Kaap is situated on the slopes of Signal Hill and is a home for the heritage of Cape Malay. By exploring the streets of Bo-Kaap, you may feel like you are entering into a color book. You will be glad to see all the houses of the city colored with bright paint. The cobble stoned streets in this region creates a romantic atmosphere for the tourists.

[box_dark]5. Favela Painting – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil[/box_dark]

Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn initially arrived favelas of Brazil to work on an MTV project. They made the locals work by painting their houses with brilliant colors. The concept of this project was to expose the art of slum community and make them happy.

Hope you are entertained with the list of colorful cities. So whenever you feel tired of the dull shades of your city, just step into one of these colorful cities.

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