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10 Historical Places in Russia

The Russian Federation is located in Eastern Europe. It is a historic country which is blessed with rich history and culture. It is a heaven on earth for culture and history loving people. There is tremendous amount of historical places to visit in entire Russia. I’m going to take you to  little pictures journey as I can not cover entire Russia on a single journey. There are some fabulous places with very rich historical backgrounds. Have a look and you may plan your next holidays.

1. Lenin Mausoleum

A great place to visit  “The Lenin Mausoleum”. In this great place, you will see the embalmed body of the great Lenin. Word of caution though, photo taking as well as cell phones are not allowed inside the mausoleum, and also, you have to leave your bags in the mausoleum’s baggage office.

2. Red Square of Moscow

This is a popular tourist destination in this country. A visit to Russia deserves a visit to the Red Square. . Here, you will find the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral as well as the State History Museum.

3. Old Arbat Street

The Old Arbat Street is a must-go-to place for souvenirs and shopping. There are lot of restaurants and cafes if you get hungry strolling along the old street.

4. The Kremlin

A visit to Russia is never complete without a visit to the Kremlin. Do not forget to see here the Diamond collection. It will also be a great experience to get to see a performance like a ballet in the Conference Center.

5. New Arbat Street

This is also the place where well-off Russians go to shop and eat. It is walking distance from the Old Arbat Street, this one is modern and trendier than the former street.  There are many expensive stores and expensive restaurants there. The nightlife here is also very lively, so partying in one of its nightclubs is a must.

6. Tretyakov Gallery

It is also recognized as one of the world’s best museums due to having all Russian artworks. The gallery boasts of its collections of artworks made by famous Russian artists.

7. Gorky Park

This is one of the famous parks of Moscow. There are many rides in the theme park, people take a leisurely walk along the park’s charming pond. During wintertime, there is a competitions in ice sculpting as well as people skiing across the frozen pond.

8. Tverskaya Street

It is one of the modern places in Russia, Considered as the fashionable street of Russia, there are expensive boutiques and restaurants around the streets. Visitors and locals enjoy coffee at various cafes around. This is without a doubt a nice place to be.

9. Peter and Paul Fortress

This is the resting place of the Romanov Czars. If you know the history of the Romanovs, then you will surely enjoy the place more than any other. There is a church that you will never want to mis.

10. The Hermitage Museum

A place for art lovers and a popular tourist destination, located in Saint Petersburg.  It is a home to some of the world-famous  paintings artists like Da Vinci and Rembrandt,  Michelangelo and lot more. The option of getting a guide , you have the option of getting a guided for tour is recomended.

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