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Some Exciting Astronomical Discoveries – 2012


Year 2012 went full of events, incidents and new achievements. Alike discoveries in other segments, there are many new Astronomical discoveries also took place. Scientist and the observatories made some discoveries that are straight an expansion to our knowledge about the universe.

Discovered ‘Super Earth’ in Habitable Zone

Astronomers found HD 40307g, a new planet that is 7 times bigger than Earth’s mass orbiting in Habitable Zone. Astronomers actually called it Goldilock Zone. This new planet was discovered by the scientists working at European Southern Observatories’ HARPS.


Exoplanet in Alpha Centauri

800 exoplanets have been discovered in recent years. In 2012, scientists are more excited to discover planet equally to our Earth size in our closest star system. Named as Alpha Centauri Bb is at 4.3 light years from earth. It’s too hot to support life.


Discovery of Farthest known Galaxy

Hubble Space Telescope discovered MACS0647-JD, galaxy that is 13.3 billion years away from Earth. It was discovered through a gravitational lens. MACS0647-JD is the most distant galaxy observed till date.


Announcement of Alien Planet

Scientists announced a rouge planet ‘CFBDSIR2149’ that is about 100-light year distant. It is about 4 to 7 times Jupiter’s mass.


Glance of Earth’s Neighbor by Mars Rover

The Mars rover made some exciting finding on the Red Planet when it landed in Gale Carter. The evidence of flowing water, martian methane and the measurement of radiation environment on the Mar’s surface weighed the curiosity.


Closer Click of Giant Asteroid by NASA

Dawn spacecraft of NASA orbited the Vesta, a giant asteroid for more than a year and made some interesting discoveries. The spacecraft traced hydrate minerals and tiny worldlet on Vesta’s surface.


Massive Prolific Galaxy Cluster

Through the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, that the galaxies of Phoenix Cluster at 5.7 light years distant produce approximately 700 all new stars in one year. It is simply 5-times faster rate of previous records. Surprisingly, our own galaxy produces just one or two stars in a year. It is considered that Phoenix Cluster is more massive than other discovered clusters till date.


Detection of Higgs Boson

NASA scientists discovered and announce the finding of Higgs Boson. In simple terms, the phenomenon of universe operation. Higgs was considered the last particle by Standard Model of Physics. Bosons and electrons are considered essential elements of chemical bonding and Higgs applies mass to them. Such fact ties Higgs with some big question related with the mass of our universe namely, dark energy, dark matter and cosmological constant.


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