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Oddest dresses ever seen


Weird fashion

When we speak of fashion then we usually classify the trends in two major types and they are the elegant trends and then there are the weird ones which sometimes take odd to a whole new level. If you are or aren’t a fashion enthusiast there must be times when you must have laid eyes on some outfits that were totally bizarre and weird in style and design. There are many dresses that totally qualify as odd and their weirdness is sometimes due to their design or due to the fabric or stuff used to make that outfit. Let us now move on to list some of the dresses that are extremely unconventional and eccentric.


Most unusual wedding dresses

Wedding is a beautiful ceremony filled with happiness and the bride is definitely the center of attraction as it is her special day. It goes without saying that each and every bride wants to look the most beautiful and different on their D-day but there are some brides that take the ‘looking different’ part a bit more literally as they go for some really odd wedding dresses. Let us shed some light on these weird wedding outfits for a better picture.

  • A wedding outfit made from condoms is the one that takes the number one spot on our list. Yes it definitely sounds weird and some might consider it gross as well to wear not one but thousands of condoms on the wedding. Although some brides find it interesting and adventurous and hence they dress themselves in a condom wedding gown!
  • We all love and respect our nation but some brides have a weird way of showing that love as they do that by opting for a flag wedding dress. Well, you will agree to the fact that weddings and patriotic love are not the best combinations to choose.
  • A wedding gown made from fur is something that is definitely not beautiful from any angle. This wedding dress is basically a short frock made from fur which surely does not qualify as a wedding dress.
  • A wedding gown with a war style is what some brides like to wear on their wedding day but isn’t the wedding all about love?
  • An outfit for the wedding that is just mere leggings is also not what most people would recommend as an apt wedding dress. Giving a contemporary look to the gown is okay but wearing a futuristic outfit is just not in style.
  • Some of the brides save their money on the gowns and just get it painted on their bodies!
  • A wedding outfit made from paper! Paper is meant for reading and writing and definitely not for wearing.
  • Octopus wedding attire is really very weird plus it is surely gross which undoubtedly will be the attire of very adventurous brides.
  • Using garbage such as plastic bags to stitch a wedding outfit is way far from stylish.
  • Wedding dresses are supposed to have a long trail but definitely not made from peacock feathers.

The oddest dresses ever

Now that we have covered some of the weird wedding gowns let us move ahead to some other odd dresses that top the list.

  1. A dress which has a design of a hamburger is definitely not something which is normal. This dress is an odd creation by the designer, Joy Kampia.
  2. Designed by the renowned designer from Spain this dress is actually made from chocolate!
  3. Many people like cream puffs and not many would like to wear them as a dress. This dress made from a total of 1500 cream puffs was created by a chef as a gift to his fiancée.
  4. Adventurous designers surely think out of the box as Katrina from Chicago made a dress from toilet paper!
  5. You usually throw the candy wrapper after eating the candy but not this one as she made her prom dress from around 101 wrappers of Skittle.
  6. Designer Robin adores nature and hence made a dress entirely from natural ingredients like corn husk and lily pad.
  7. A dress manufactured from spider silk is another one in our list and this dress is more like a cape.
  8. Some people just use anything to everything to make a dress such as there is a dress that is made from rubber gloves.
  9. Flowers and leaves are used for decoration and now they are also utilized for stitching dresses.
  10. A dress made entirely from porcelain takes the next spot in our list of oddest dresses ever.
  11. Would you like a dress that identify and change according to your mood? Then you can have one as there is a dress that changes colors according to the person’s mood like if the person is angry then the dress would change to red color.
  12. The next entry is a dress that is manufactured totally from tax forms and of course some glue and tape.
  13. If you like some adventure then you can wear a duct tape dress for your prom party.
  14. Now-a-days wood is not only used for making furniture but it is also used for making clothes!
  15. There exists a dress that is made entirely from very real parts of a computer.
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