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Most incredible assassinations in USA


America possesses a great history of politicians but another thing that cannot be ruled out is the assassinations or attempt an attempt for assassination on most of the American Presidents. There are not one but four assassination incidents in the history of American politics that could leave anyone shaken. Some of the best Presidents of America were assassinated in the past and we will talk about the four horrifying assassinations below.

Presidential assassinations in America

  • Abraham Lincoln: he is regarded as one of the best presidents in the history of America but someone definitely had a different view as Abraham Lincoln was shot in head while he was enjoying a play. This incident took place on 14 April in the year 1865. The assassin of Abraham Lincoln was John Wilkes Booth who fed from the scene but was later found and killed. There were other people involved as well who were arrested and hung later on. Abraham Lincoln died the next day that is on 15 April 1865.


  • John F. Kennedy: it all happened on 22 November in the year 1963 when John F. Kennedy was wounded while he was riding a motorcade in Texas, Dallas. The apparent assassin who was found to be Lee Harvey Oswald was killed before he could be put to trial. Jack Ruby killed the apparent assassin. Some people said that Lee was alone in the assassination but some said that there were more people involved.
  • William McKinley: when McKinley was on a trip to Buffalo for the Pan-American Exhibit he was shot two times by Leon Czolgosz who was an anarchist. It all happened on September 6 in the year 1901. William McKinley took his last breath on September 14, 1901. Leon told that he fired at William because he was an enemy of working class. Leon was convicted and electrocuted on 29 October 1901.


  • James Garfield: It was Charles J. Guiteau who shot James Garfield on 2 July in the year 1881. Charles was reportedly mentally unstable government office seeker. James Garfield fought till his last breath and ultimately died due to blood poisoning on 19 September. Charles was caught and convicted of murder and he was hanged on 30 June in the year 1882.

These four assassinations of some of the popular Presidents of America still shake the people not only from America but across the world.

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