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Most dangerous sports in the world


[box_dark]Knowing about the most dangerous sports in the world[/box_dark]

Most people in this world love sports as it is safe and can be played with ease. However, less is known to a common person is that, there are sports that requires guts and balls to play. There are sports, which require not just energy and spirit, but even some daredevil skills. For those who want to take some sports to extreme levels choose the most dangerous sports in the world. Across the world, these dangerous sports are being played along with which have even recorded maximum number of deaths. People, who play these sports, state them as having fun with some thrill.

[box_dark]List of dangerous sports across the world[/box_dark]

For those who love adventure and trill in their life, below mentioned dangerous sports would surely attract them.












[box_light]Base Jumping:[/box_light]

Very different from Para Gliding, base-jumping is considered as one of the most dangerous games of all times. People who think that they are not having enough fun in their life participate in this game. This game is illegal in all parts of this world, as it has reported maximum deaths. Base-jumping is performed from any high point. This can be done from the top of building, cliffs or bridges. People hurl themselves down from thousand feet with help of a parachute. The winner of the game is the one who lands safely on the ground without breaking themselves into pieces.

[box_light]Scuba Diving:[/box_light]

Underwater diving or Scuba diving is fun, but it can even be dangerous if you do not play by the rules. The risks, which are involved in this sporting activity is the failure of heart, illness, breathing problems and brain damage. Not to forget the sharks that can take use as their lunch.

[box_light]Cave Diving:[/box_light]

Something like scuba diving, it is one a different danger level. While you go hunting for treasure in the caves underwater, you can face the problem of air loss, low visibility, light failure and smashing your heads while trying to come back for air. Some of the expert divers have not sustained this dangerous sport.

[box_light]Surfing Big Wave:[/box_light]

Surfing is always fun, but it can turn dangerous when you surf on the big waves. There is always a mislead while surfing big waves, as the waves which you think as big can turn out to be large and enormous which can surly engulf you without any prospects of survival. Even the expert surfers have faced the tragedies while trying their hand in this dangerous sport.

[box_light]Street Luging: [/box_light]

Skate boarding is fun, unless you get to the next level of getting dangerous. Street Luging was initiated in the year 1970 by some Californian kids, as they had nothing better to do. In this sport, players lie flat on skateboards and hurl down the streets with full force. It sounds simple, but the danger is that you might be rolled over by a truck passing by you. As this sport is played on highways, there is no guarantee that you will come back alive. Even with protective gear, you might be seriously injured with broken bones and smashed head and the best, you can even meet the lord.

[box_dark]Some more extreme and dangerous sports[/box_dark]

The list of dangerous sports does not ends here, below mentioned are some more death defying sporting activities that involves great level of jeopardy.


Bike riding is simple and fun to do, but it is taken to the next level and has been made dangerous with BMX. BMX is a combination of acrobatic and driving skills. Ramps put across the tracks while BMX takes place. If you do not take the precautions, then you can land up with a twisted and broken neck, broken ribs and bones. Although, deaths in BMX have not yet been reported, you might not know when it can happen.

[box_light]Helicopter Skiing-[/box_light]

If you love skiing and want to go to the next level, then you must try helicopter skiing. This is one of the sports, which are not accepted, in a true form. Still, people love to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for popping out in the snow from the sky with help of a helicopter. This dangerous sport is played on virgin peaks and even during avalanche for enhancing the danger level and excitement. Various deaths have been reported while performing this dangerous sport as you can die at an instance if you are not landing in a proper manner on the snow.

[box_light]Bull Riding: [/box_light]

In the town of Texas, you can enjoy the dangerous sport of bull riding. You need to have proper balance along with which you must have the ability to run fast. Reason behind having this ability is that, you might be knocked down by the bull when you fall down from the back. You have to be safe and quick as the hoofs of the bull can crush you to death.

[box_dark]Knowing more about the dangerous sports[/box_dark]

If you are interested in knowing more about the dangerous sports of this world, then you can visit the web portals, which are providing information on the same. While looking online, you can look for high altitude climbing, cheer-leading and white water rafting, as these make the list of top most dangerous sports of the world.




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