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Knowing about the oddest circus performances and stunts


Circus is the only place where you would be able to see some of the oddest stunts, which will surely blow your mind. Starting from acrobats doing death-defying stunts from people putting in their head in the mouth of a lion, you will surely be mesmerized by what you see in a circus. There are some renowned circuses which are performed all across the world are and known for the performers who perform some oddest and wonderful stunts. There are some renowned and famous circus shows, which are hosted all across the world and are known for their stunts.

List of circus and oddest stunts, which are performed

Knowing about the circus and oddest performances would surely help you in enhancing your knowledge base along with that, you would surely remember to visit them if you get the chance. Below mentioned are the names of circus and the oddest performances, which they have displayed until date.

Big Apple- New York: Renowned as playing with the animals, you would be able to see the most dangerous stunts in this circus. One of the oddest circus stunts that have been displayed in Big Apple circus is the man putting his head in the mouth of a big lion. While performing these stunts, accidents have happened several times, but nobody has ever faced any critical harm or danger.

D’Hiver- Paris: Once you visit this circus in Paris, you would be able to see some of the greatest hula-hoop stunts that would surely mesmerize your mind.

Du-Solil- Canada: Some unique dance can be seen by the circus performers of Canada. They jump from one place to other using a trampoline and show their acrobatic skills.

Acrobatic Circus- Japan: if you are interested in seeing some of the death defying acrobatic stunts, then you must see the acrobatic circus of Japan. The performers’ jumps from great heights, which will make you, bite your fingernails.

Ringling Bros and Barnum- New York: If you are interested in seeing some amazing dance of animals, then you must visit the Ringling Bros and Barnum circus in New York. Artistic and spectacular dance is being performed by the animals present in the circus.

Ockham Razor- England: In this circus, you would be able to see an amazing and odd stunt. The stunt, which you will see, is an aerial act. In this act, performers do acrobatic stunts in a wooden circle and keep the circle moving.

Cat circus- Moscow: If you think that training cats is a tough task, then you must visit the cat circus of Moscow. In this circus, you would be able to see the cats perform some odd stunts, which you would never imagine in your life.

Sideshows- Coney Island: If you are interested in seeing some freak show, then you must visit the sideshows of Coney Island. Snake performers are seen performing some of the oddest stunts with snakes.

Monoxide Circus- Australia: Interested in seeing some oddest juggling acts, then you must visit Monoxide circus in Australia. Every act that is being shown in this circus is based on some particular themes, which mesmerizes the audience to the fullest. The bathtub act is the oddest and the most loved act of all.

Diamond Maruti Car Circus- India: If you are interested in seeing the oddest act of death defying stunts, then you must visit the diamond Maruti car circus in India. It is the wall of death, in which stuntmen drive their cars in circles in a wooden well. This is one of the oddest and most wonderful stunts, which you will ever see.

Some amazing and odd performers and stunts

Circus is always known for their performers. Below mentioned is a list of performers who were considered the oddest but amazing.

Bearded Lady- Grace Gilbert: During the year of 1876, Grace Gilbert was known as the oddest performers of Ringling Bros Circus. Reason behind this was that, she was having full facial hair or beard, which was more than eighteen inches in length.

Sword swallowing: Known as the oddest and the most dangerous stunts of all times, it is something that requires patience and dedication. This stunt was initiated in India, which later got popular in various parts of this world.

Zazel- The Cannonball: The year of 1877 will never be forgotten in the history of circus as the first cannonball person was found. Zazel who was 16 years old was the first woman who tried this death defying and odd stunt at the royal London circus.

The great Waldo: The geek who was a sideshow artist at the Royal circus was renowned for his odd performance of regurgitating things on demand, which he had swallowed.

Knowing more about the odd stunts

If you are interested in knowing more about the odd stunts, which has happened in circus over the years, then you can check over the internet, as there are different web portals that provide detailed information on the same.


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