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Incredible recipes from the USA


Americans are famous for eating food that is unhealthy, processed and junk . However they also have an appetite for the good stuff. Here is a list of the most delicious and amazing American recipes.

Incredible recipes from the USA


  • Pot Roast- Pot roast reminds you of family and good times spent together. It is a favorite with any American always featuring amongst the top 10 comfort foods. The recipe is easy too! Just throw in a beef brisket in a deep roasting pan with your choice of ingredients like potatoes, onions, carrots and pour in some red wine, cover and cook it on the gastop or chuck it inside the oven.


  • Fajitas- Fajitas are easy to make and very delicious. All you need is a grill or a skillet. You can make fajitas with any meat you prefer beef or chicken, anything.


  • Banana Split- A banana split is one of the most preferred treats enjoyed best with a big family to share it with. The easy recipe to make his one is the reason it is such a favorite with the Americans. All you need is a banana, some icecream, candy, syrup and sprinkles.


  • Jambalaya – Jambalaya is a Cajun dish of rice topped with shrimps, chicken and lots of vegetables . It is very popular with Americans, especially with the hearty and generous mix of meat and other ingredients in it.


  • Smithfield Ham – One more recipe for all the meat lovers. Smithfield ham is very popular and easy to make. Its name has its origins in the Smithfield town of Virginia, USA and is named for ham which comes from this specific town. The recipe is as easy as pie, with the ham being placed in just a cup of water, covering the pan tightly with foil or a lid and cooking it a high temperature.


  • Chicken fried steak – This is a cutlet dish coated with flour and batter and pan-fried in oil. It is also known as pan-fried steak or country fried-steak. It is simple to make, not very messy and very delicious.


  • Maryland crabcakes – Crabcakes are an American classic. They are no-fuss and people just love the sweet meat of crabs inside. They are traditionally fried but nowadays people are also opting for healthier ways to consume it like having them broiled instead of dipping them in butter and oil.
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