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Pets are those furry little creatures that will unconditionally love you at all times, will not see your faults, in fact won’t even relate to them , who will always be by your side as soon as you call them. However, the conception of the human brain as to which animal can be the best pet is very limited as a rule. After all, hardly any of us see beyond the conventional furry dog, the cute cat, the fish in a tank or the (technically) useless guinea pig. However, there are a thousand different parts of the animal kingdom yearning for your attention, and you choose to ignore them? So heartless of you!! Here are some of the most interesting creatures that can make for wonderful pets and at the same time are so very rare as to be un-thought of.  In a world of Chihuahuas and Alsatians, they stand out as unique.


The miniature donkey is one of the cutest animals in the whole world, contesting against the Australian koala bear which is supposedly the cutest animal in the planet. The American Pet Products Association report them to be one of the petted domesticated animals around. There are other farm animals like the pygmy goat which can serve as a great pet. Clever enough to  respond to their owner’s call, they are highly affectionate with humans. The great American president, Abraham Lincoln too, kept a goat as his pet during his tenure at the White House!!


There are a number of people who keep ant farms as pets. Of course, ant farms serve the purpose of education and also as subjects of study. The only creature of God to keep a social hierarchy alongside bees, they are in vogue, among a certain sect of people, but hardly do people think that there could be substitute to ants. The Madagascar Hissing Cockroach may seem gross, but there are people who consider them as good pets. They don’t fly, neither do they bite, so of course they could serve as a good domesticated creature. Besides, care and affection actually serves as a stimulus to them, the reason why many people consider them as love bugs.


Therefore, go out there and explore the hugely clichéd world of pets. There are a thousand other alternatives, so why go with that which has already been trodden upon? Look beyond the cute fur and the sweet smile, people have been known to pet even tigers. I am not telling you to do the same; it’s not about the suggestion, but rather the principle.

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