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Five incredible facts you should know about Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is famous for its beaches, adventure activities and nightlife. However, not many know that Puerto Rico is also famous for a lot of other things. These facts ensure that Puerto Rico is unique in its own way, and has everything to allure the avid tourist.


The Largest Single Dish Radio Telescope

Believe it or not, Puerto Rico houses the world’s biggest single-dish radio telescope. Located in Arecibo, the dish’s diameter is a cool thousand feet, with the entire structure spanning over 20 acres. The radio telescope also holds the distinction for being the most sensitive radio telescope on earth. Chances are you have probably already seen the Arecibo radio telescope in Goldeneye, the James Bond movie where the final showdown between the villain and 007 occurs here.


The Coqui

We have seen a lot of unique mascots around the world. An addition to that list is the unique tree frog that can be found only in Puerto Rico and nowhere else in the world, thereby earning the distinction of the island’s unofficial mascot. Called Coqui in the native language, the amphibian is an inch long and surprisingly has a chirrupy, high pitched voice that you can hear from miles away. On a clear night, you can probably hear these creatures chirping away to glory from dusk to dawn.


The El Yunque

A few hours trip from San Juan would take you to El Yunque, a primitive land that is touted to be the only tropical rainforest in the entire U.S. National Forest System. The land has not changed in a millennia, and is covered with beautiful flora, fauna,birds and wildlife (not dangerous though).You can also find plenty of grand vistas and waterfalls here.


The Largest Cruise Port

For its small size, Puerto Rico certainly has many big surprises. And one more addition to this list is the famous cruise port on the island which happens to be the biggest cruise port in the western hemisphere. The port is the main hub for every cruise ship that sails the Caribbean. Visitors disembarking at the port for short day trips can also avail attractive discounts on lodging, dining and shopping.


The Beaches

Of course, we all know that Puerto Rico has some fabulous beaches. But no one knows how many beaches are there and how varied these beaches are. Well, here is some information on that. Puerto Rico has more than 270 miles of coastal land, with some of the most diverse beaches in the world. You can come across black sand beaches, resort front properties, secluded coves, surfing havens and even memorial beaches complete with rusted military tanks.


Tourists may consider Puerto Rico as a beach haven, but it definitely has a number of surprises rolled up its sleeves. So if you happen to visit Puerto Rico in the near future, check out these surprises as well.

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