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Five coolest spy gadgets


Admit it, after watching the 007 movies, we all fantasized about being a spy, having all the cool gadgets with us and saving the world at last. Well, saving the world is a bit overrated but owning some of those cool spy gadgets has never lost its charm. So, here are some awesome spy gadgets which will instantly bring forth your inner spy at the first sight:


Remote monitoring gadgets

These remote monitoring gadgets can be fitted in any common household items without prompting any speck of doubts. The wall clock looks like a normal black and white clock hung anywhere on the wall but it is installed with a small hidden camera which will record everything that goes around it. On the other hand, the Air Freshener 3G camera is installed with a color camera and also a SIM card which allows you to watch the live video on your 3G phone. If you can spend more money then, you can also buy the upgraded version with voice detection sensors which call you automatically whenever the device detects voice in your room.

Dragonfly spy

Developed by the R&D team of CIA, this insectothopter is an aerial vehicle almost the size of a dragonfly. It was originally developed for collecting intelligence during the cold war in the 1970s and also became the first aerial vehicle to take the first flight solely for spying. It was also one of the best spy gadgets in the ‘70s and also a very expensive one.


Cross camera

The installation of a spying camera in a cross might seem like an odd combination but this cross camera might come in handy in some odd situations too. The tiny camera hidden in the cross can snap photos and also record videos for you. It has 90degree lens coverage and the picture content of this camera gets downloaded to your computer easily. The hidden camera can also record videos continuously for two hours if its batteries are fully charged. So, this gadget may prove to be either a blessing in disguise or a pretty unholy device depending on the work of some people.

Unmanned underwater vehicle

Specially developed for studying aquatic robot technology by the Office of the advanced Technologies and Programs of CIA, this robo-fish dubbed Charlie can be controlled and communicated by a specially designed wireless radio handset.


Video camera Pen

A handy gadget for all the spies around the world, this average looking black ballpoint pen has a mini camera in it that can perform both video and audio recording even in a freezing 10-degree Fahrenheit temperature. Therefore, writing with a pen is old school now. The spy pen can itself make live notes for you automatically.

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