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Fascinating things ever done by human brain


The human brain is capable of doing some amazing things. The brain is a delicate part of our body that has three vital sub-parts namely the brain stem, cerebellum and cerebrum, which control specific functions. This soft nervous tissue acts as the coordinating means of nervous, intellectual and sensational activity. The role of the brain physiologically is exerting centralized control on the other body organs. Here we have discussed five of the most fascinating things ever done by the human brain.


German girl visualizes just perfect with the help of one hemisphere

Doctors were baffled with a little German girl’s fine vision born with a single hemisphere. Humans born with both hemispheres see owing to the fact that the visual information that the optic nerve delivers cross the other hemisphere for both processing and storage. Doctors scanned the brain of the 10 year old and determined that via plasticity process, the left portion of her brain was receiving visual knowhow from both her eyes that avoided confusion.



Orlando Serrell’s started recalling dates

Serrell is an incredibly gifted person whose gift was discovered after he was hit with a baseball bat on the head, which caused headache. After this cleared up, he discovered that he could recall days instantly since the day he was struck.  


Robin Jenks Vanderlip develops Russian accent despite been to Russia ever

Robin Jenks Vanderlip developed a Russian accent despite been to the country ever. Yet two days post falling on the staircase and hitting her head, Vanderlip awoke and discovered that she was unable to speak. However, when she regained her ability of speaking once more, Vanderlip found that she sounded in a Russian accent.


Baby Z’s almost melted

An Australian known as “Baby Z” after three days of her birth in 2008 began to suffer seizures due to her rare genetic disorder molybdenum cofactor deficiency. This is a critical issue where functions, such as movement and swallowing, are impaired and in some cases, it results to death as well. Baby Z was the first patient who was treated successfully and is alive and in good health.



Michael Corke’s brain literally stopped

The brain of Michael Corke a music teacher from Chicago literally stopped to shut down and allow him to sleep. He was suffering from fatal familial insomnia, a rare disease where the gene PrPc stops to encode proteins that enables plague in building up within the thalamus. Within a couple of months, his health deteriorated into dementia. Physicians used sedatives to induce him into coma and discovered that his brain was still active. He died in 1992.


The human brain is indeed capable of doing fascinating things. In this article, we have listed some of the most incredible incidences that human brains have done so far.

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