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Amazing Credit Cards


[box_dark]The Most Amazing Credit Cards in the World[/box_dark]

The ongoing period of recession in the world has forced banks to divert their complete attention to credit for the uber rich who are worthy of huge credit. The importance of elite credit cards is increasing at a rapid pace since customers are offered amazing perks like access to jets and customized shopping experiences in exchange for spending several thousand dollars using their plastic charge cards. The list of most unique credit cards in the world is interesting for those of you who keep track of exclusive credit cards.

[box_dark]Merill Lynch Accolades Card[/box_dark]

Issued by the Bank of America, the Accolades Card from Merill Lynch is available only to those few who qualify as devoted customers of Merill Lynch. The accompanying annual fee of $295 is normally waived off if you happen to have a bank account with $250 K and more in either your Bank of America or Merill Lynch accounts.


[box_dark]RBC Visa Infinite[/box_dark]

Issued by the Royal Bank of Canada, the RBC Visa Infinite is an exclusive credit card valid only for the citizens of the state of Canada. You are required to shell out a yearly fee of $399 if you are a banking client. Otherwise, in case of non banking clients, you need to hand over almost $599 as yearly fees. In order to become eligible for getting the card, Canadians are required to possess liquid assets worth 1 million CAD as well as a net worth of 3 million CAD.


[box_dark]Coutts and Co World Card[/box_dark]

In case you happen to be a citizen of the UK, you can avail the unique Coutts and Co World Card if you are able to meet the criteria. In order to qualify for the card, you must have disposable funds amounting to a minimum of $800,000. In case you consider yourself to be among the big spenders, charging more than $80,000 on your charge card, then the bank will be good enough to waive the annual fee of $560.


[box_dark]American Express Platinum Card[/box_dark]

The American Express Platinum Card comes close on the heels of the next card, J.P. Morgan Palladium. The card requires you to shell out a yearly fee of $450. Apart from being an exclusive credit card, the platinum card from American Express provides you with loads of benefits. One of the benefits you get with the card includes a reimbursement amounting up to $200 for each year for incidental fees on airlines, including the fees of baggage and food and beverages served in-flight.


[box_dark]J.P. Morgan Palladium[/box_dark]

The J.P. Morgan Palladium credit card is really made out of 23 k gold and the metal palladium. In order to get your hands on the card, you need to be a customer of the J.P. Morgan Investment Bank, Commercial Bank, Private Bank or Treasury Services. If you happen to be a Chase bank client with a holding of over $5 million, you get the license to brag about this exclusive card. An annual fee of $595 comes with the card.


[box_dark]Dubai First Royale MasterCard[/box_dark]

Exclusivity is the first thing which comes to mind when you hear the word Dubai. Available only to residents of the UAE, this credit card is created from diamond and gold and does not come with any limits on spending. You are not bound by any particular set of requirements to qualify for the card. The card was first introduced in the year 2008. No annual fee is present.


[box_dark]American Express Centurion[/box_dark]

The American Express Centurion tops the list of most important credit cards. Limited to people who are able to afford the initiation fee of $5,000, the American Express Centurion card requires you to pay a fee of $2,500 upfront.


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